Thursday, May 8, 2008

Good King Josiah...

Good King Josiah

My little good king Josiah so brave
Quite a journey you too have made

A twin, a brother, a friend to Joel
I know there will be an emptiness to hold

When in the womb, toes hands, being formed
Always at his side, awaiting to be born

Joel, first one out to lead the way
God knew the plans ahead, yours to stay

Infinite wisdom from the start
Mercy given, your here to help my heart

You were so brave, when Balley had to fight
The dreadful disease that seemed to come overnight

When your brother lay and could not walk
You sat by his side, played, laughed and talked

You shared your toys bringing smiles to his face
You prayed little prayers with your hands folded in place

You touched and kissed and said "I love you"
Faithful and brave, a brother so true

His mission, his work has been finished up
Then Jesus called "come home" he triumphed

Your hugs, your touch, I still feel him through you
He's still apart, though years were few

Be brave, be strong, there's plans for you too
Trusting Jesus, your Creator whom worship is due

May the Lord give you memories so sweet
As you think of your twin at Jesus feet

Be brave, be strong, onward you must go
Living for Jesus and plans he will bestow

Good King Josiah, forever a twin
By his mercy, eternity you'll spend

Once again together you'll be
With Joel and your whole family

Your so brave, "Siah"

I love you, from Mommy
I just wanted to write something to Josiah, he is inseperable from Joel, in my memory, in everything.....I was cutting his hair earlier and I was just so happy and thankful that he was here. His little yellow hair was just glowing, I couldn't help but look at him and he even ask me "why you have to watch me?" It's a feeling that is unexplainable, they came together, they were everthing together, now there is just one here and one there, heaven is near. I was not really sad, but in awe of how Joel is still so close, they were knit together in the womb, they knew each other before we even knew them. His plans are more wonderful than I can comprehend........


Paul & Katrina Perea said...

Hello, Jessica sent me a link to your blog. I was sharing on my blog how I lost my daughter to SIDS several years back and she told me how inspiring your blog is. I am...peeking into your writings. My name is Katrina. I live in California. Hope to get to know you better.

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful poem. You have a gift for choosing words that inspire and touch.


Emma R. said...

That is beautiful. As a twin myself that touched my heart so deeply. As the mother of twins, it just made me cry! It is perfect and Josiah is such a strong boy having to go on without his "other half". I bet it makes you so thankful for those 9 months that they had in the womb, the special place only they could know. It was their special twin time.

But just as in the womb, Joel is there for his brother, again unseen and unheard by others, but he is there deep in Josiah's heart.There he will stay forever, until they meet again in Heaven


Emma R. said...

That bible picture on our blog, came from Daniel's funeral, I was walking into the sitting area and it was opened to the book of Daniel! His mom was glad I took the picture, because she had not noticed that herself, and thought it was very sweet. He was named after Daniel in the Bible, with all intentions that he be big and brave and strong and just like the real Daniel, God kept him safe.