Thursday, May 29, 2008

Joel's Story in Magazine !!!

Which shall I start with good news or bad news....... the good first, remember the AFA homeschool magazine that interviewed our family? Well the June issue is out, but if your like us, we are not subscribers so you can read it here. We are very thankful that Joel's story of the sanctity of life will go to 160,000 subscribers and to the countless others that will read it on-line. Thank you Rebecca for representing our family and being a blessing as Joel's story continues!!! May the Lord use our little Joel to spread the story of "life" and how precious it is!!!

Now the Bad news.....but you will probably not be surprised.....about two weeks ago Terry got a call from someone at the IRS and said that we could not claim Josiah, someone else already did!!! Someone got his SS# and used it on their form, now that was a little surprising, but just a few days ago we got another call and someone has now claimed Joel on theirs too....can you believe that???? We are the ones that have to fill out this and that and who knows when it will all get straightened out. The person Terry talked to had the guts to ask if anyone in "our family" would have gotten their SS# and did that????? May the Lord have mercy upon our country and people that can do such!!!! Oh well.....what does all that matter in eternity.........

I have been reading about Lazarus again, It helps to read about others that walked the road of grieving. It says that Jesus cometh to the grave. It was a cave...... this is one of the darkest places to be, yet he is here with me. I am thankful he is here!! There were those there that would be called witnesses to the scene, what they saw and what they said gives a description of why it takes ever so long to walk through this valley of death..... Then said the Jews, behold how he loved him! I thought this might be helpful to those on the outskirts watching a friend or family member grieve, we are groaning so within, the love is so deep, the dreams dashed and it is because "I loved him, my Joel." I know He does not always give explanations but He gives promises so I am walking one day at a time looking for those promises that give me hope!! I love the title "perfect storm," that is what He has created for us to go through, sometimes I am riding the waves and sometimes I am under them, but either way the waves are carrying me(us) to our desired haven!

Tomorrow.....poor chickens!!!!(butchering day) We have some families helping on each day, Fri and Sat. It will be a long day of hard work with good results.....meat in the freezer!!!! Today we are preparing the lunches so we can eat quick and get back to work, also this is our weekly cleaning day, going very well!!

Oh.....more good news! Remember the truck situation, transmission about to be out. A mechanic friend called Terry and asked if he might trade our work for his work??? He needed const. work and we needed a mechanic!!! So Lord willing we will get a rebuilt transmission and John D will get a new well house!!!! The Lord is so merciful to work behind the scenes and put on peoples hearts ideas that will carry out his plans. We are grateful to you, John D. The guys are still saving for "the truck." They are working so hard and being frugle and of course praying for God's provision. He is faithful!!!!!

If you read Bethany's blog, you will find we have a new "girl" on the farm, a baby heifer was born a couple days ago. We still have another cow due any day. We are so grateful for the blessing of all the livestock and the enjoyment it brings to the children.

Blessings to each !!!!!

Cindy (Josiah drew the beautiful picture for Joel)


Jules said...

Sorry to hear about your boy's identy being stolen. Hope things work out soon and get straight. Even int this sinfilled world that we live in, it still baffles me that someone could be so rude and stoop so low. Prehapes GOD will get ahold of them before it's too late. Thanks again for your thoughts of encouragement. :o)

Zimms Zoo said...

We went through the same thing this year. First we were told that 2 of us didn't even exist and then when that was striaghted out, we were told that we were claiming someone else's kid.
how frustrating!

Susan said...

My angel Nathan's number has been used on someone else's return for two years now. I am waiting for an audit to prove we are right but have not had one. This was the last year to claim him since he died in 2007 so I guess whoever does it next year will just get away with it. It is maddening but I am helpless about it so I am just trying to let it go...

Annie said...

It was a wonderful article. I have been wondering since I started reading your blog if you are homeschoolers. I don't think you have ever said you are, but I have this feeling. I was homeschooled by my mom all the way through and now I homeschool my kids. I don't talk about homeschooling on my blog, though, because I don't want to draw negative attention. My email is If you are homeschoolers I would love to talk about it more with you through email. I always like to get tips from families with many children.

:) Annie