Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pray for the Lockwood Family...

Please pray for the Lockwood family, they are missionaries in Mexico, they are blessed with 11 blessings, their newest son is about a month old. They have just found out the husband/father (They are in their late 30's) might have cancer, they are doing tests at this time, he has been sick for a time, through CAT scans, there does appear to be a mass on his gallbladder. You can visit their blog, if you would like to read more. They have followed with us with Joel and have been so faithful to pray as we journey through grieving, and Jaynee has prayed for me as I have asked her to for specific needs in my life and health. They are a precious family, please pray for them!!

Since tomorrow is the 23rd, I like to do something special for Joel, sometimes I wonder if there are any more words to write to express this time, although today I wrote for the first time with a lighter heart and not so heavy with sadness. Maybe lots were praying for me today, or the Lord just sent an extra basket of grace, either way, I felt it. These poems are truly so simple and small, but I like to do it, sometimes they convey what mere sentences can not. I am not writing to impress other people, there just a little gift to Joel, who knows if but the Lord gathers them up and lets Joel read them to other little children.


Two little boys
Abounding joys

Two knit together in one secret place
Touching, nursing, a warm embrace

Two sweet smiles
Only one for awhile

Two dirty faces
Exploring farm places

Two little jeans, all worn out
Yes, there were even two little pouts

Two trucks and tractors to play
Laughter and cries throughout the day

Two little blankets, soft and blue
Your naps together would be few

Two in a bath, getting all clean
I wish I could awake and this be a dream

Two birthdays, balloons and treasures
Your family gathered, a love unmeasured

Two hugs and faces smothered with kisses
One hug, one kiss, the other my heart misses

Two boots and hats, cowboys you are
Days are numbered, eternity not far

Two little boys equals four feet
Two would be travilin', Jesus to meet

Two little boys the story is told
One in Jesus' lap he holds

Someday the addition will add up again
One plus one equals two, like the begin!!
I love you still!!!!

The computer is all well now thanks to David, our neighbor!!! He swept it clean and reset the whole thing, its like a brand new one, its moving faster than ever, and we even have dial up. So thank you so very much David!!!!!!!!! We'll get some more meals in there for ya!!!!

Home alone, somewhat, the guys will hopefully be back around here tomorrow. I hope to stay up a little tonight and get some work done on some picture albums. It has been a smooth week, Micah and Andrew are the "men" around here, so they are in charge!! Mercy has just decorated the hallway with unwinding toliet paper and furnishing a beautiful display!! She is our most "precious Mertie."

Guess I better go before she comes up with anymore ways to beautify our home!!!

Pray for the Lockwoods!!



Paul & Katrina Perea said...

Thank you for encouraging words on my blog. We are growing tomatoes and strawberries too! Ours are still green and I can't wait for the picking. I will keep the Lockwood family in prayer. Hope to get to know you better.

Leslie Shepherd said...

Sure! :D
My e-mail is!

Annie said...

Thanks for sharing about the Lockwood family. I will keep them in prayer.