Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Perfect Storm....


Now Dr. John Maris and his team have made a major discovery, published in the New England Journal of Medicine. For the first time, they've established that it's a genetic disease.
"It ends up that it takes a" perfect storm" of genetic changes on chromosome 6p22 and other chromosomes for one individual to be more likely to develop the disease," said Dr. John Maris, Pediatric Oncologist at CHOP, and the lead researcher of the study.
Using advanced technology, doctors analyzed the DNA of Neuroblastoma patients and found key changes in the sixth chromosome, the root cause of the disease.
"We can now begin to hone down and find therapies that are specific to Neuroblastoma," said Dr. Maris.
That would be targeted treatments that currently don't exist.

Well..... when I look at information like this, of it all being a "perfect storm," which the Lord can only create perfect storms, I then have to turn to the scriptures and find comfort that Joel was formed, created with the DNA that God wanted him to have for a higher purpose that is beyond my understanding. If I were to think even for a moment that all this happened by chance or Joel was not put together right, my mind and heart would forever be in utmost turmoil. There is a sense of peace when I can know that the Lord weaved him together in a most perfect way to fulfill a most perfect plan. This cancer is said to be rare, 600 cases diagnosed in a year, not that I wish it on anyone else but all the millions, it came to us. In this observation as well, there can only be peace when I go to the scriptures that tell me about how He suffered, He hurt, but there was a purpose.......the empty tomb. I seek to trust, yet I struggle more often than I like. I just wish I could get to the place of being stable and not losing the confidence that there is a purpose when my emotions outweigh my knowledge. I miss him, looking at it all from the underside and seeing all the raveled edges, it is a mystery, its so hard to wait for the day to see the beauty that will one day be shown. I guess sometimes I long for a peek, thinking it might help with the pain and missing him. Today I pulled out some pictures that were not of the best quality, yet I wept so hard as the reality drove into my heart of he really was here and now he really is not here anymore. Adding to the post before this, as a friend said our former pastor gave a message on grieving and shared that we are "walking" through the valley of the shadow of death, giving the picture that yes I am walking through this and I do not know how long "my" walk will be, but because I am walking I am going forward, so that does mean, at sometime I will get through it, how long? I do not know. So the pictures above( if I can put any up after I do this, it might not work) of Joel and Josiah are those I dug out this morning

The computer is still getting treated, our friend is working on different methods and at least it is hopeful for a full recovery. I am hoping I will get through this post!!!

The guys are working in Watonga, they stayed the night last night trying to help with the gas issue and the truck being a bit sick too. I think they are driving back tonight and they still have several more days on the job out there. Once again thankful for the work!!!!

We are still doing some schoolwork, Micah and Andrew need to finish their math books, so we will just hit and miss throughout the days ahead until they accomplish that. I have been doing some work around the place with flowers and cleaning, raking and Micah has retrieved some nice rocks from the pasture for decorating in the flower beds. The weather is so very nice, lower 90's. We have not turned our air on yet, it feels fine inside. We always put these small window units in the kitchen and in the boys room to help supplement our 35 year old unit. I like the hum of the window units, reminds me when I was a little girl and that is all we had in our little house.

Tonight....... a fun meal, hot dogs with homemade hot dog buns, chips and the poison drink....cokes!!! Since the guys are gone we can get away with this. I bought some water balloons and they are filling their ammunitions up now for a big war. Josiah is making the big announcement to everyone that he does not want to get wet, but I think his desires will not be granted if he participates in the war. After...... it went from ballons to buckets!!!!! Mercy was so sweet this morning, I was talking to her about Joel, and I was telling her that he was in heaven with Jesus, that he had cancer and was pointing to his picture in our room, and she asked me"if Joel bull ride?" She is filled up to the brim with "boy stuff." She does like to play with babies, but more often she trails along behind Siah and does big boy stuff!!!! Hosanna, Josh, Jeremiah and Siah are doing a little project with me. We picked out 5 books, some Rod and Staff, that I am reading out loud and after we finish we are going to Braum's for a treat. They are eager and look forward to this little time of reading. It also makes me have that special time with them too.

May the Lord give you opportunities to make sweet memories with your family this week!!



Susan said...

Thanks for sharing your perspective about all of this. It does help me to feel better.

Lockwoods said...

That last picture is great! I'm so glad you got the letters! They had so much fun writing them and were so happy to hear you got them. We need to work on a batch for the rest of you all now! :)
We've had a difficult week this week...the Lord is taking us through something hard right now. Your blog always encourages me so much! Thank you!