Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Redeemer Liveth......

I have started reading in the book of Job again, what a man of faith, strength and hope he had. He not only had to face the agony of loss with his children, but he had to deal with friends and family that were not a source of encouragement to his aching heart. It gave me a grateful heart for all the people the Lord has brought my way to encourage us as we have been on this journey. There is so much there as what I read this morning. The all familiar verse that states "For I know that my redeemer liveth." For me anyway, until I was brought to a place of desperation, I do not think I realized how much hope hinges on that verse. If he did not live, trials would swallow us, if he did not live, I would not get to see Joel again, if he did not live, I would not have hope for eternity, if he did not live, this life would be meaningless. There is not a place so low, so dark, so lonely that because he lives we cannot come forth and have the hope to go on with life. As I read about Job, I guess it gave me a "I can do this, he did, he made it." There are probably no seconds in my thoughts that I do not think of Joel, he is everywhere around here. I miss him more now it seems, but one day there will be a tomorrow that never ends. I told Terry (since I look at life in pictures) I saw myself as a woman bent over with a huge burden on her back that is permanent and I am trudging along. He said thats the problem, we just need to change your picture. He said look at youself as a soldier, wearing a badge of honor for suffering, like stand up and walking with strength and honor for having the opportunity to be a partaker of Christ's suffering. That is a much better picture for sure, I just have to see it myself, with my own eyes. May the Lord have mecy to get me there.

Not alot of news around here. The guys are working hard. The Lord is providing work. On the 7th was 1 year that Terry left his corporate job and started working with his sons. We have not had to eat cattail roots so that is a testimony to the Lord of his promise to provide!! It has been a good year. Alot has been accomplished with the work of their hands. They have met alot of people and had opportunities to share the Lord with. It is quite interesting that on the 7th last year as they had a going away party for Terry and his two bosses were there, and now those two bosses have lost their jobs, so it is the goodness and providence of the Lord that he granted the events to come about and how the Lord worked the changes that were taking place for our good. We are grateful and fully acknowledge this is the Lord's doings!!!

Farm news....the chickens out in the pasture have about three, maybe three and one half weeks left before the big day. I only have about two chickens left in the freezer so the timing is good for us. If you live close and want to place your order just e-mail us and let us know. Next goat show is on the 17th in Ft. Worth, but we might not make that one. We'll see as how the Lord might work.

This was pretty boring, but I can handle boring, I have had enough non-boring that will last a lifetime. I will think of the verse, boring/trails...... my redeemer lives!!!!


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