Friday, November 16, 2012


 Its starting to look alot like Christmas around here!!! Making some stuff!!! Of all the candy I make, I love the Mocha Truffles!! You can google Taste of Home Mocha Truffles and i think the recipe will be easy to get!!

Im soooooo mad at my Blogger App on my phone!!! i have been using it for a long time. I noticed the app said to update it, so I did and now I cant access my account from my phone!!!!! I have tried to sign in many times on my phone but it just wont work!!!! Grrrrrrr!!!! Now I am back to using the computer to make a post!!!!! Its so much more trouble!!!! Any geniuses out  there???? I have tried to sign in( on my phone) and the password says its wrong and its just sick!! Oh well.....guess I will have to live with it!!

Have a great weekend!!!! Hoping Terry gets the ceiling tiles up Saturday!!! Yay!!


Sarah said...

The mocha truffles from taste of home??? My family makes those every Christmas too!! Oh man, SO good!!

Marie said...

What beautiful candies!!! Can't wat to see the ceiling tiles....have a great weekend!