Saturday, November 17, 2012

a girlie breakfast....

****recipe in photo below******

{vanilla beans are found at Walmart on the spice row, at the top in a glass type jar. There are 2 in the bottle for $10. Or you could order some online!) you split them down the middle, lay it open and then I used like a butter knife to scrape the vanilla bean stuff out!)

....but the guys had some too!!! Vanilla Bean Scones!! The recipe said like the ones at Starbucks, an I have to agree..... scrumptious!!!! The girls love love love having little "eats" at this table I grabbed at a thrift store awhile back! It folds in half! Great and easy to pull out quickly!!! Definitely one of my best finds!!

Terry is fixing to put up the metal ceiling tiles, some have vb tournaments, some are still in bed(won't give any names) some are making their Christmas lists, some are doing chores and I guess I have to clean up the scone mess!! Ha!

Have a great Saturday!!!


Cindy Petronic said...

I want to be you when I grow up :)

erinstwo said...

Please share the recipe! I love Starbucks Vanilla Bean Scones.