Monday, November 26, 2012

change of plans!

****ceiling photo below!!!!!*****

I got up early to head out to do grocery shopping and some Christmas shopping but when I came into the LR, a few working guys were here and I was asking if they were working or what. Something happened to the trailer and Elijah said we are gonna do your ceiling today! So yay for that!!!! But I had to change gears and
figure out the shopping for later. I thought I had better make some muffins for the now ceiling workers! Ha! Lotsa noise at 7am!! Ha! Things progressed well! I thought I better start on some kind of lunch because when they work on projects at home they like to eat!! Not having much options because I was going to the grocery store I thawed some
of Andrews back straps out from the deer he just got a few weeks ago! Got some potatoes boiling too!!! A man meal for sure!! I cut the backstraps in little medallions, let them soak in butter milk for about an hour, then tossed them in some flour and spices and fried them up!!! Wow we're they ever good!!!! Then I finally headed off to grocery shop leaving about 10:30 am. Got home about 5:30 pm, fixed dinner, and cleaned up all the construction sight from the finished ceiling! Looks great!!!! So thankful for the guys!! Although Elijah some how got sidetracked with a little "errand!!" haha!! Daniel, Andrew, Micah and Terry endured to the end!! Threw some dinner together, cleaned the kitchen and then went to Walmart at 8:00 pm! Back home, finished some things up here and just now sitting down for some coffee, my first cup of the day!!! (fixn to be a 2nd!!!)

Hopefully I can get a photo of the ceiling tomorrow!

How was your Monday!?!?!?!

Our house is "happy" with a few
lights up outside!!!!

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