Wednesday, November 7, 2012

moving on....

Well let's think about something else now. How about doughnuts? Made some blueberry baked doughnuts this morning!! First time to cut open a real coffee bean!! Interesting! Jeremiah saw it laying on the counter and asked what it was. I said a coffee bean. He said "I knew it was a coffee bean!" hmmmm!!!! Silly kid!!! I was totally curious about this statement!! I asked him how would he even think that was a coffee bean? He said "oh, just seen them on some cerel boxes!" like who in tarnation just sits around and looks at coffee bean photos on cerel boxes!?!? Hahahah!!!! He's my super hero!! I think he will be President someday!!

How about we think about shopping!?!? My very favorite hobby!!!! ....and even better if it has to do with Chistmas!! Yesterday I spent a long time making ALL my lists for items I wanna get for adding a few extra decorations to making the house all festive!!

Or how about we think about outside and the beautiful trees!!! Been outside alot the last few days with Mercy and kids and the trees are fabulous!

......but the main thing we should think about is the Lord! How merciful he is, how mighty is his power, how great is his grace!

Hope you have a great day!!


sarahdodson said...

Wow, those donuts look SO good!! are they hard to make?? As always, your photography is so pretty! :o)

Teena said...