Friday, November 2, 2012

Not a good start.....

I dont like to have conversations sometimes with my adult children when it falls under the "reproving" area. Sometimes I can't stand parenting. It's too hard and hurts too much. Of course parents are older than their children and us parents know a little more than they do and we don't want them to make mistakes WE made! I guess sometimes the only thing one can do is pray, which that's the best thing to do anyways. .......and later following the conversation, I get a call from my dad in Arkansas and he and my step mother Shirley, we in a church van with about 20 other folks going to Branson and the van hit a truck that pulled out in front of them because a 3rd vehicle slammed into the back of the truck so the bus hit the truck, the guy in the truck was killed and the 20 passengers in the church van suffered minor to a few serious injuries. My dad and Shirley are very sore and banged up with my dad having a few stitches to his mouth and leg. So thankful they are ok. I just don't like mornings like this! How I need thee every hour..... every second!!!

...He has ever been the refuge of His people, their stronghold in the day of trouble, and He is their sure Helper still.

Thank you Lord for your mercy today!!!


Janet said...

I agree Cindy - parenting can be so difficult at times! It's hard to find a happy medium. Glad your Dad and step mum are ok - that must have been a scary experience for them ... and you! Have a Blessed week-end!

Teena said...

praying with you and for you. I understand all too well about the older children. It is so hard at times.

Praying you through.

Much love,