Wednesday, November 14, 2012

memories linger still....

Crackling fires, homemade bread, very cold days, warm hearty meals and a 9 foot tree all dressed up!!!! It is a wonderful time of the year. I really do well most days, but November and December are days, now 6 years ago that hold visions in my mind that are cemented there for ever in this life. Joel! I can almost replay the days as they happened. goes on and my hope is ever before me that it's really not over! Me and him are just having a little break and one day we will pick up where we left off! In the meantime, our home stays busy, cozy and loud!!! I still have our 7 foot Cowboy Tree to decorate but we are expecting our ceiling tiles today sooo I wanted to get that done first because the tree goes in the area the guys will have to work putting up the tiles! I added 2 silver trees this year to our tree family! I think they are my favorite! After everything is all done, I'll snap a few photos and show you "our Christmas house!" it's funny how excited one is to put it all up but equally glad to take it all down come the end of December! Then I am always anxiously awaiting the little flower bulbs to peek outta the ground!! Hahaha!!! I love Christmas time! The smells, the warmth of our home, the twinkly lights, the cheer-eeee-ness!! I made a board for our mantle, over he fireplace and of course thats where our hearts and thoughts are during this season.... Jesus! There was a place, a time, a baby!

Today is Wednesday! A day in our house that people are suppose to clean! Things have changed so much but I still have to have a clean house! I have recruited little people for helpers!!

Thanks for praying as so many of you still do, for our family and especially this time of year!

Forever missed, daily thought of...Joel!

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Teena said...

I love this post. Think about you especially this time of year. Love how you decorate. Praying for you. Been catching up reading... love the scones/tea party.

Love you.