Monday, March 19, 2012

We Tangled!!

If you were to ask Mercy if she had a good birthday, she would say "yes, a great one"! And that's exactly what she said!! I am glad this party isn't lasting "an entire week!" as Flynn said! Seems like it's all over far to soon compared to the preparations for the party but if a little girl or a little boy remembers their party, the work that a mom poured into it, it is worth every moment!!

Lots of photos via iPhone, but hey that's alright, documentation is what it is all about!!

One of the highlights for Mercy was Daniel skypeing her from Australia!!!

And to end the evening/birthday blowout.....the movie, Tangled!!!!


Danielle said...

Oh my goodness! Looks like So much fun!!! I LOVE your hair Mercy! ;) And wow...doug is looking more and more like Caleb! weird! :)

Happy Birthday Mercy! :)

Emma and Mommy said...

Everything looked so beautiful! And glad she got to talk to big brother too, how special. Happy Birthday Mercy, I am glad to see you had a great one spent with your family. Did you ever capture Flynn Rider? :-)

I'm Kristen said...

WOW. You nailed it. SO beautiful!