Tuesday, March 6, 2012

30 days!!!!!

 Hahaah!!!!! bet ya'll are really thinking hard on this one!!!!!!! Its not the wedding date!!! hahahaha!!!! ONLY 30 more days from today that Daniel is returning from Australia, Lord willing!!!! I am seriously missing this guy!!!! I know its been a trip of a lifetime but it will be good to get him back in the USA!!!!! And I think a few little farm gals will be happy to have their "dosie" back too!!!! Nicknames......we are famous for them, and not just one apiece, a bunch of nicknames for each person!! ha!!! Fun memories I am sure when they are all old and gray and sittin' around remembering who was who!!!!

Yay, I don't have to cook dinner tonight......its going to be "magical"!! I try to find Disney in anything I can until I can literally get there! Bethany is on for tonight.

Keep praying for Sue, Kristen's mom and their family!!

Have a great Tuesday!


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Teena said...

praying for them. Please keep us posted....

wow so excited for next month. I know you are so excited as you wait for Daniel's return!