Monday, March 19, 2012

Mercy is 6!!!

Happy Birthday to Mercy!!! She is 6 years old today!! The 13th child, the 4th daughter, and the 7th child that was birthed at home!! I cannot even begin to tell you about this little girl!! But the statement that would sum a good idea of her would be, "she is the baby" of the family!!! They still scoop her up, like to snuggle bunny with her, and she makes requests to her older siblings that is usually never denied!! She still likes to sneak into our bed because she says "she just loves me so much!!" She is a 6 year old little girl with 12 older siblings so for some reason it's like she lives a 15 yo life!!! Haha!! She loves her farm, her dog Charlie that she got for her 5th bd, she loves to play with her princess dolls, and loves to have a "big" person jump beside her on the trampoline to make her fling high in the air!!! Mercy was 7months old when Joel went to heaven. She still talks about him.

We are praying that soon in Mercy's life God would call her, and breath grace on her heart, and give her faith to trust him as her Savior!!

Happy Birthday Mercy!!!!!


-stephanie- said...

Happy 6th Birthday Mercy! May God bless your day with happiness.

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Happy Birthday, Mercy! What a little sweetheart you are! You are so very loved by God who gave you so many others to love you each and every day!
Cindy, you look beautiful! Miss you!!!

Sarah said...

The youngest in our family (also 6) is the same way. Lydia's 6 going on 20 most days, cause she has a 12 yo brother, 14 yo sister, 16 yo brother, 18 yo sister, and me!