Friday, March 9, 2012

friday foto!

Got a few "fotos!" I will be glad when Spring is in full swing, more possibilities for pictures!! Cereal happens occasionally around here, a new rug, surely coffee outta this cup will make one smile, nothing like good ole' sweet tea, a few cold rainy days so puzzle time!! It's sunny today and next week looks awesome for me.... 80's!!!! Made a few mini cupcakes for a church fellowship, our church has beautiful stained glass especially in the evening service, and snapped a few photos of downtown the other day, Hosanna "walking" the calf and did you know that on every episode of Gene Autry he advertises this gum?!?! Of course the children had to take em up on his word and try it, smooth, refreshing!!! Haha!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!


Sarah said...

Lovin' the mug. Can't help but smile while drinking out of that :)

Alicia said...

What is on top of those cupcakes? They look yummy.

Teena said...

yes.... love the pics. What IS on the top of those cupcakes?