Monday, March 26, 2012


I don't normally sit down and do a post in the evening but most of them left!! One group to play tennis and another group to play basketball, soooo I am alone in the house!!! Scary!!!! Plus I don't feel like walking my legs are sunburned from sitting out yesterday!! A bit on the "toasty" side today!! But that's how the first getting sun goes!! I have olive skin, so by tomorrow a start tan will follow!! I guess I have always loved the sun and getting tan, goes back to my teen years when my friend and I would lay on our roof, get so hot and then jump in the pool!!! I may not gave been a beach gal but I love the pool and sun!!

I read a few verses in Isaiah this morning that spoke to me. Is 43:12,15.
....Ye are my witnesses saith the Lord, that I am God!!! May our lives show that HE IS GOD!! There are so many life stories that I can think of that prove HE IS GOD with our family!! Of course Joel 's sweet little life and journey witnesses to this truth!! I am forever thankful that I know HE IS GOD!! I would be a hopeless person living a hopeless life if it were not so!! I can think of so many unusual ways of provision that our family has had over the years. These stories of provision witness to the fact that HE IS GOD!! I can think of two very special people whose story of meeting/engagement and soon to be married witness to the truth in this verse, HE IS GOD!! Because of who God is and that he does not change, I look forward to having many more "witness" opportunities that HE IS GOD!!

I was blessed with verse 15, I am the Lord, your Holy One, the creator of Israel, your King. I am so thankful he is "my King!!" A King rules and governs and is over all! What a peace to know he rules well and right and with holiness! He is a good God to us!!

Please continue to pray for Sue and the family! For strength, for few side effects as possible, her bones to be strong, for a good appetite, for peace and trust in Gods plan!! And just for the family as they all work together to make their home run smoothly!! I know that they are being a witness as the verse says to the truth that "HE IS GOD!" And also just be praying for Kristen and Caleb as they plan, prepare for the wedding in August. A big job and I just want it all to be fun for them!!! Alot to do in 135 days!! Yay!!!

Eleven days until Daniel makes it bs k to Oklahoma, Lord willing!! So ready for him to be home!! Or at least for a little while before his next adventure!! At least the next adventure will be in the USA!! Haha!! From the photos, it looks like he "beefed" up, lots of kangaroo I'm sure!! Eeek!! I know he will be sharing at church soon after his arrival, I'm excited to see all the photos!!

A few photos of around the farm!! Sometimes I wonder "what else" I can take a photo of but something always comes up, and with using my phone for a camera so much, you just "see" things differently!! I love the photo of our driveway.I was standing out in the pasture and just pondering what a place God has blessedus with!! I hope that driveway will always be a welcome sight to all the children. When they drive in, I hope they remember and say things like, "I use to read books in that tree, I use to swing on a rope over that pond, I would race down that hill on my bike, we sat over there late at night and just on and on!! Home...or rather our temporary home, may it always be a special place in their hearts!!

We had one more bd thing to do for Mercy's Tangled bd but had to wait on the weather/rain to move on! I has ordered sky lanterns to set off like in the movie!! She was just in awe of them going up in the sky!! If the neighbors would have peeked out, I'm sure they would have thought they were seeing 27 UFO's!! So it was a fun evening to do that with her!!

Have a blessed week!!


Teena said...

I love the sky lanterns! I just received some in the mail that I ordered for Easter. I want to do this with the kids....

Wow can't believe less then two weeks before Daniel is home!

Praying for Sue....

much love,

Jen said...

When is the wedding?? Our daughter is getting married on August 4 in Gettysburg, PA but we live in Maryland, very near where Kristen lives!! It's a small world. God is good! Thanks for the reminder.