Sunday, March 18, 2012

a true farm day!!

It was an all around true farm day Saturday!!! Nice weather, Spring showing itself through nature bursting forth, planting potatoes and then the last event of the day was our first 2012 goat babies being born!! I love our farm.... God's farm!!!

Micah and Andrew have done tons of work and projects outside with the tractor and cleaning up!! And I didn't even ask them to! They just set out to do it!! The next big farm project is a milking parlor for the dairy goats. I know Bethany will appreciate it sooo much!!!!!

Please continue to pray for Sue!!! I just can't tell you how she being the one going through this yet she is the one being such an encouragement to me and others!! When you experience that, it's just grace being poured from our great Fountain Head, Jesus!!! She is receiving grace but it's flowing on to others as well!!

Nineteen days Lord willing until Daniel returns from Australia! One happy momma here!!



Karol said...

I just have to comment that your "red" soil looks so odd to me as we are accustomed to black soil here. One of the things I love about blog world is not only reading about the every day lives of others, but also the amazing differences in God's creation around the world

Sarah said...

That looks like one epic rope swing right there! :)