Friday, March 16, 2012

friday fotos!!

A few "fotos" to share here on this Friday!!

Please continue to pray for Sue, Kristen's mom and their family and really now, they are our family! What a blessing they have been and are to us!! God in his infinite wisdom and plans grants us opportunities for our faith to be tried, and I have no doubt that this family will come forth as gold!! God will and is being glorified, hearts are being made stronger, love is growing deeper, so it's all working for God's glory and our good. With any trial, there are tears and fears, but amongst those there abides peace, hope, joys, laughs, memories being made..... and that is exactly what is happening in the Snyder home! Pray for them, will you?

Tractor work outside, ice cream, cousins, Mercy being Mercy, new zucchini muffin recipe, gum-balls and the beauty shop, strolling around Guthrie, our tulips are up, and it's definitely flip-flop weather!!

Happy weekend!!!!

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-stephanie- said...

That sewer cover being stood on by those little yellow flip flop feet, is made in the city only a few miles from me. How fun to see it so many states away. Have a great weekend.