Thursday, April 30, 2009

A Little This, A little That......

Does anyone remember what happened on November 14, 2008????? Take a few moments......ok, you can't guess???? Some hints???? It was a very significant day, a day of bliss, a day of clean counters, a day of no more grumbling???? ever???? not hardly!!!! I know your in goes...... The Morris Family got their_______!!!! Maybe I should offer a prize for the right guess???? Oh.....we do not have anything baked up so I'll just have to tell you.....On the 14th of November in the year of our Lord, 2008, we got our I believe 7th Brand New Dishwasher!!!! I know, I know.....thank you, thank you!!!! Well....we were blessed with it for, lets see about 5 months and then the dreadful day "croaked!!!" Can you believe it???? I told you we could, or my dad said we can break steel!! Anyways we have been washin' for about a month now. So a glorious day!!! Thankfully it was under manufacturers warranty and it had to have a new motor and he put in a new heat element as well. This process has been in progress for about two weeks. Waiting on this, waiting on that.....but thank the Lord today is another historical marker for the Morris family..... our First Resurrected Dishwasher, all the others were thrown into the mouth of the everlasting dump!!! And may I say, I am extra blessed to have a clean kitchen floor, no cluttered up counter tops all to go with our "new resurrected dishwasher!!" I enjoy conveniences of our day, probably too much, that's probably why they break, so maybe I should loosen my grip upon pleasures such as dishwashers!!! "Scripture says we are to put our hope not in material things but in God, who richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment, (I Tim. 6:17) If he provides everything for our enjoyment, we shouldn't feel guilty for enjoying it, should we?" Quote by Randy Alcorn in the book Heaven, I read it today and thought it went with our dishwasher story!!!

The rain has been great for all the garden, but quite frankly, I am ready for some sun and blue skies, plus we are getting swallowed up by the grass, although I do hear in the distant a hum of sort, it must be a mower.....Micah to the rescue!!

With the guys gone, we do not have to eat at a certain time, so I do not know if I have the creativity to "out do" Anna as in her meal she served last night. I will probably have to prove myself with an old stand by. I am in love with avocodos as of late, I have been eating them for my lunch with a little salt and pepper and a few chips. that would do me again for supper but I do not think the little crew here would go for that. I''ll figure something out......

Better go.....Mercy is not showing herself a mature 3 year old....she is screaming her little head off.....probably some brother torturing her, I doubt it could be her inflicting judgement on her dear brothers or sisters!!!

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