Friday, April 24, 2009

Grocery Day.....

Stocked up once again on the groceries, thankful for every trip that we can make! I bought quite a few strawberries, they were a great price, they'll likely be gone by tomorrow evening!! Found some cute summer "nighties" for Mercy and Siah. I had to buy some new bath towels too as Bethany has used many for her goat births and they have disappeared or I do not really want them back with all the gooey and yucky stuff on them, even after washing, they are not the same. I found some things at the thrift stores, some tops for Bethany and Anna and I got Mercy a very small child umbrella for a $1, and this cute tiny bead purse for her. She thinks she is something!! Looks like we are going to a rodeo tonight but just to watch. The other night when Micah and Andrew rode our steer, Micah sprang his wrist so that has not been fun for him for a few days. The guys will get in later this glad for that!! Not much else for now. Have a a great weekend!!!

Yesterday morning Mercy and I were out in the garden, she was so fresh in her little clothes and picking lettuce.....mornings like that remind me of Joel.....he loved to get out in the early morning. Later afternoon, Hosanna hosted a tea party for Josiah and Mercy!!

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Holly said...

Yum. I love strawberries, they don't tend to last very long at my house either!