Monday, April 27, 2009

In the Beginning....

In the Beginning........ (can you tell I have been reading in Genesis??) By this thought though I am referring to in the beginning when and before Terry and I were married. The Lord gave Terry and I grace to embrace, to believe, to trust Him with fruitfulness and children. How many, how soon, and when!! Of course when you're so in love and can not wait to get married the depth of this commitment did not really sink in.....until they, Caleb and Daniel arrived. If I remember correctly, it was when they were under 6 months, and it was not because I was back tracking, but I was just doing the math in my head and just thinking of the possibilities." We could have ALOT of children, if He were willing!!! I remember it like yesterday, our home in Pine Bluff, Ar, laying in bed one night, Terry was reading and I had got hold of a book by Mary Pride, The Way Home. ( I challenge you to read it :) Since we were both reading, the boys had to be asleep, thats good for new parents!!! Anyways, like I said when my mind thought of the possibilites it was a BIG thought and being a new parent and trusting the Lord with our family, I have to say I was a bit "trying to figure" how all this could work?? And as I was reading in Genesis yesterday, I read the scripture that totally gave me freedom, gave me confidence, gave me peace that when trusting Him with how many children, our family would be built for His glory and exciting adventures lay ahead. I had read the "other" scriptures that speak of children are a blessing and all, yet this math calcualtion still lay in my thoughts of how MANY we possibly could have, so the Lord gave me an "answer" to my math caculation. It was on page 63, in the book I mentioned above, last paragraph; But God dosen't dispense his blessings that automatically. In the Bible times, when nobody used birth control (except Onan), Sarah had only one child. Rachel had two....Noah had three children-even though he lived 950 years. That's it right here, he lived 950 years and ONLY had three children. Of course I surely was not hoping for only three children but this fortified in my heart that God would give how many He wanted us to have. I remember taking that scripture for all it was worth and I felt in my heart that this was the greatest plan and looked so forward to what the Lord had for us. I was so grateful the Lord met me in my heart where lay wonderings and figurings and now I could skip away with full confidence that He would provide and bless us with all that was needed to have a few or many, and here 23 years later, nothing has lacked although at times it has been very needful to cry out for his mercy and provisions, but that is His plan as well, to depend upon him, to trust him!! So I thought I would just share as I was reminded as I read that scripture in Genesis that named Noahs sons, Shem, Ham and Japheth, (5:32) I was reminded of how faithful the Lord has been, how blessed we are, how rich we are, how wonderful it is to have a peace in my heart that none are missing because of "plans" that we could have made. Only the Lord knows if he has any more in store for us, I sure can not lift a finger to Him and say you owe me, if He has completed our family, I praise Him and if he has another blessing then I praise him too. May the Lord give you grace as well because even though it might seem like they, children are popping out like rabbits, there is a day when our bodies will rest from childbearing and then Lord willing we can sit back and see what the Lord hath done and reap so many benefits from them being in our lives. (we reap ALL the time from them but as they get older its fun too)

Monday.....we need to get with it this morning. Terry is here while the guys have a to pick up some braces at a job site, then this week they will be back on the big commercial job.

I can hardly believe April is almost up....I love the months of May and June!! Not too hot and not too cool!!

Happy Monday!!!!


Amy said...

We have been blessed with 11 so far, and now having just turned 40, I am faced with the reality that we are nearing the end also. I do wonder just how many yet and am willing to praise HIm no matter what. It's funny to hear my children reminding me almost daily that our baby is getting big and I need to hurry and get pregnant again!!

I appreciate the thoughts you shared here. I have enjoyed visiting your blog lately.

Mountain Mama said...

Hey there!
I am no longer "buried" in our school room. Ahh. Feels nice!

Thanks for sharing what God has done and is doing in your heart. AMEN!!

Your garden produce looks beautiful. I may just have to come and have a salad with you. I will bring the tea!!

Jessica said...

Thank you for sharing. I am a young mom and I too have read the way home and decided to let God control my womb. I long to hear from an older mother. I enjoy your blog. Thank you again.