Wednesday, April 15, 2009

For Rent ????

The top's one for ya.....about 90 square feet, two story, nice porch, and look at the beautiful landscaping and you would get to live next door to the Morris family!!! This is Josh, Jeremiah, Hosie and Siah's playhouse. Elijah and Bethany built this 3 years ago or so and Joshua has recently landscaped it with flowers, stones, stumps, and he went out in the woods and dug up a Red bud tree and it is surviving!!! And as you can see, I had to try to keep up with Josh, so I have been putting a few flowers in as well. I am just getting started. The problem with me is I have soooo many places that need flowers and boy is it ever expensive to buy them and mulch and all that stuff. I have not even began to work on the Bistro Patio by our driveway where we like to sit out by the chimenea in the evenings. Little at a time I guess!!!

Their "Paps" arrived and he's getting the full tour, animals, garden and now some checkers, he is kinda good at this and has played with others through the internet and is pretty tough to beat. He's trying to "show" them all the moves!! Plans changed a bit on the guys work, their job site is not quite ready so they have a few more days for the others to prepare it so they will get to visit with thier grandfather after all! If you think about it pray for us as they do this commmercial job, once they enter the gates, cell phones have to be turned off due to the fact its a nitrogen plant and using phones could ignite or cause explosions. So our prayer is that all will go smoothly with us here on the home front and that I would NOT need to get hold of him. They can of course call on lunch if they go out the gate. And for safety as they work and travel, thanks for your already prayers on our families behalf.

We are having Arkansas crappie fish tonight for dinner, they brought us a big ice chest full of it...yummy!!! I like to fix hushpuppies and a big pot of dry pinto beans and we will no doubt have a big garden spinach salad!!! Sounds good!!

I just wanted to "show off" their little play house, Mercy loves to go out their and cook with dirt, leaves and such. They retrieve all the things I throw away for decorating.....they have seasonal cute!!!!

Bethany has the Garden DVD button up where you can pre-order now, so if you would like, its ready. She wanted to make sure and tell you to be sure and put in yur zip code!!!


Teena said...

How beautiful. Would love to visit and see all of it in person.



Janet said...

What a dear little playhouse! I just love it!
Sure all will go well with contract work - thinking of you all and keeping you in my prayers! Love from South Africa!

Nikki said...

The landscaping is so graet. I LOVE flowers!! It looks so good and so fresh. I am in love with newly turned dirt and the smell of it.

We dearly missed the workshop. I did nothing but think of it all Saturday morning wondering how it was going and wishing we could be there. We came so close! But, alas, we will get there and meet you all! So glad to hear it went so well. Hopefully it'll have such great success y'all can make it an annual event.

Nikki said...

Meant great not graet. LOL! Little hands helping me type.

Mountain Mama said...

Can we?! Can we?!!! Would love to rent it and be your neighbors.

So cute! So sweet!