Thursday, April 2, 2009

Joshua is 11 !!

Joshua Sherman Morris is 11 today!!! Josuha arrived with "precision and accuracy," He was due on April 2nd and he arrived on April 2nd!! He is our 8th child and 3rd homebirth, all went well with that. Joshua's name means God of Salvation. Our prayer for Joshua is that the Lord would call him soon and he would be used as the Joshua of the scriptures and be mighty, further His Kingdom, and be a man of God that loves and serves the Lord all his days!! Josuha not only arrived with the character of being precise, :) but even now demonstrates that in endeavors he enjoys. He can draw amazingly well, three-D pictures. He can draw just about anything that is put before him with great details. What a team we can have, Joshua can be the architect and the guys can be the builders!!! Joshua loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, helping with chores and has had opportunites to help his dad on the job. Josh's accuracy extends in his hunting skills as well, he's a dead-eye!! Josh and Jeremiah are best of buddies, partners! We called Josh, Jeremiah, Joel and Josiah, the 4 J's. I have vivid memories of these 4 being outside around the sandbox and garden area all playing together. Josh demonstrates a manly quality of chilvary as he takes good care and helps watch over his little sister, Mercy and loves to watch her as he rides her on the 4-wheeler!! Happy Birthday Joshua, we are blessed to have you in our family!!

Plans changed a bit as we did not consider on Friday we have to take goats over and get ready for a goat show on Saturday, so we are shooting to have his "Camp Out" party tonight! Alot of adventures ahead with bugs, snakes, bears and a warm fire for this chilly evening!! I'll get some pictures up later this evening.


Guess Who? :) said...

Happy Birthday Josh!! Hope you're having a GREAT day!
Love ya!:)

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Josh!!! Hope you have a GREAT birthday!!! Wasn't I there last year for your b-day?? Too bad I cant be this year. :( Hope you have a great day!

Anna, the picture looks great! Did you do the "touch of color" thing? lol

Hannah B. said...

Hey, Josh! Happy 11th birthday!! I remember when you were 2 yrs. old with a little bowl hair cut! :)

Hope your day was special! May the Lord work in your life in a great way this year.


P.S. I really like the picture too, Anna! Great job!