Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Little Things...

Been reading in the Gospel of John lately. I just try to imagine Jesus as he walked the earth, the relationships he had, the people that loved him, the people that ridiculed him, he felt, he loved, he hungered, he wept and expressed emotions as we do, that helps me so much in relating to my own emotions and even more than that I am blessed with the thought that he has these emotions towards me, personally and individually. I love the verse I read this morning John 11:5, Now Jesus loved Martha, and her sister Mary, and Lazarus. So much to rest sweetly on there and meditate upon, he loves me, us, you with the same passion and feeling as these three people that were in his life. Several things stood out to my heart this morning. I still love to hear how my Jesus has used and will continue to use Joel's life and when he speaks through a scripture to verify his work, I am humbled. John 6:9, There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves and two small fishes. Throughout the Scriptures God uses and takes notice of "little" things, or even weak or insignificant things to accomplish "big" things, his purposes and plans. If we could better understand this, and figure out we do not have to be the wealthiest, the popular, the noblest , the up and up to be a vessel for his use, we might get used more! Here Jesus used a "little" boy, a lad. Joel, I think is just as significant as this little lad as far as being used for the Master!! I find great comfort in this truth!! God used other "little" things, remember little in stature Zaccheus, remember how God downsized an army to a little one, the widow and the "little" that she gave, He noticed that! Remember the four little things on the earth in Prov. 30:24, ants, conies, locusts and the spider, and one of the greatest demonstrations of affection and of love when Jesus takes the "little" children and blesses them, and then in I Cor. 1:27, and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty. Little things, insignificant and weak, the world despises, but in God's eyes, mind and thoughts they are dear, he uses them and he gets glory from them, maybe we should all work on how "little" we can be instead of how "big" and important we can become, that is if you want to be used in BIG way!!! And then the last thought that leaped out to my heart was in John 6:12, Jesus said, Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost. This was after the little lad had been used!! The reality is as long as the devil is on the loose, he will seek to devour the "all together for good doctrine" out of this journey. This verse spoke to my heart that Jesus will waste nothing in this trial, he will pick the fragments of my broken heart and make something good, he is a Perfect Steward of the trials he sends us, accomplishing ALL that he desires for his glory. Sometimes I just feel like life has gone on, everyone is back to normal, I will never be back to normal, I can not, because Joel is not here and that nixes our normal life, our life as normal when he was here, so when Jesus said to me this morning that nothing will be wasted in Joel's life and now even in our grieving, it gave me hope that my little boy did not die in vain. Thank you Lord for once again searing this truth to my heart!!

Time to eat around here, gotta fire up the grill for Steak and Chicken K-Bobs, Garden spinach, Baked Tators, yummy!!!!

Terry's planting corn........a whole lot of it!!!! *** Update** Jeremiah says "we planted 12 rows 75 feet long," that should feed us!!!!

Better get signed up for the Beginners Garden Workshop, Sat. April 11, 9am-12 noon. You can get info and register here. We have 42 folks so far, let us know so we can order some doughnuts for you!!!

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Janet said...

My heart goes out to all those Mummies who have lost a child. You're right, you won't ever be the same, but I guess God does heal and the comfort he has shown you in Joel's purpose will ease the pain - I think!
Dinner sounded delicious - it must be such a blessing to have a wonderful large family sitting around the dinner table! There are only 3 of us around our dinner table - but we love it nonetheless!