Thursday, April 2, 2009

Josh's Camp Out Pictures

Some very chilly adventures for sure!!! Dave and Kate joined us for the fun. David is absolutely the funnest man I know and his sweet little side-kick, Kate is just icing on the cake!! Wow!!! What a party!!! First Joshua opened his presents, he got a sleeping bag, a Lego and has a real bow on order from Bass Pro. Next we played a game, we went on a "Bear Hunt." Elijah, the bear stayed outside, the rest of us went in while he left his "droppings/oyster crackers" for a trail. He called when he was in his "den." He left a great trail, intricate and caused us to be on the alert. We wound here and there and as we got close to his den, the bear took off and we sought to kill him with tennis balls, the chase lasted for a bit and finally Andrew gave the deadly throw and killed the bear!!! That Bear Hunt made us all hungry as bears!! We had "Campers in Sleeping Bags/ Hot Dogs," Beary Scarey Chips, Campfire Chili, and Bug Juice!! After we filled our belly's, there were the options of several desserts. Of course Smores, Campground Cedar Trees/ (marshmallow cornflake trees) Starry Night Sugar Cookies, and then the Camp Out Cake along with warm coffee as we snuggled by the campfire!! The younger children had fun with flashlights, lightsticks and I made knapsacks on sticks with Trail Mix in it. Later we played another sit around the fire game, you say your going on a Campout and I am taking and then you say an item starting with the letter a and then the next one proceeds with the next letter also remembering the previous item. I actually won that one!! It seems our parties always digress to utter craziness, I do not think I have laughed so hard in my life and even Micah said, "mom has not laughed like that since I was born!!" That statement was rather funny too!! We had a great time, what a unspeakable joy that we and friends!!! enjoy the pictures, they are crazy!!!!!


David ("The Mav")



Kate ("Mavette")



Janet said...

I just LOVE to see how you celebrate your birthdays! My what fun you had at Josh's! Such a happy, blessed family. You are an inspiration!

-stephanie- said...

How fun. Hope he had the happiest birthday. And it was nice to hear that you laughed a lot too, and that others noticed.

Hannah B. said...

What fun pictures!! Anna looks a little reluctant in that last one. ;)

The Ahlgren Family said...

What a party!!! :D We're speechless after last night! That was so much fun!!! We are so thankful to our Lord for your dear family! There is a wonderful freedom with ya'll to just be yourself and have tons and tons and TONS of good wholesome fun!
Thank you so much for inviting us to Josh's party! It's got to be the funnest/funniest birthday party we've ever been to! The laughter in ya'll's family is so awesome and we love it when the whole gang get's laughing so hard you can hardly breathe! And you, Mrs. Morris, are gifted with great creativity, it's amazing! All of you are a rich blessing and we praise the Lord for blessing our time with you! "Unspeakable joy" indeed!
Gotta go plant our corn to keep up! ;) Hope you have a joyous adventure filled day!
Lots of Love,
( : The Mavs : )

John-Clay said...

Wow, that's a SERIOUS party!!! Looks like a fun time :)

So...what is with the goggles??

Cinnamon said...

I came over from the Lockwoods blog. You have a beautiful family. I've enjoyed browsing your blog~


Mountain Mama said...

WOW!!! Looks like a very fun party! You are so creative.

Happy Birthday Josh!

Teena said...

Alyssa and I taking a few minutes and looking at your *theme* parties... we love this one! How cool!