Saturday, July 12, 2008

Stuff We Been Doin'....

This is about what we have been doing with the grandparents (Terry's folks) Of course on Friday we had to serve them "home grown stuff," grilled BBQ chicken, roasted red potatoes, zucchini and squash and our corn....yummy, and then Anna topped off with an Italian dessert, Tiramisu'. Then volley ball, like alot of volley ball!!!.....late nights, coffee. Saturday, Terry and his mom picked and prodded in the garden awhile, we had a big hamburger cookout and you know, all that goes with that, water balloons got smashed in with the little ones swimming in their pool, next was GIANT KITE FLYING, I mean very big ones.....alot of fun with another:)friend(: that came over,(the one they are holding on to is a stunt kite) after that we wanted to take "Pop" to POPS in Arcadia, where they have 12,000 pop bottles on display, and of course we had to try some......ate some left overs and now games are under way, Rook first and now they are in a big Scrabble game that could last a loooong time!! In between we have enjoyed concerts, brings back alot of memories when Caleb and Daniel use to practice their instruments 6-8 hours a day,(getting up very early and staying up soo late!!) they wouldn't mind doing that these days, but working with their dad is using up much of the time. I remember when they practiced and Joel and Josiah would get a "tiny" violin out and pretend to play......sweet memories!!!! It's loud and crazy, who knows when the lights will be out around here.... and I guess Sunday evening NaNa and Pop will do their usual "pizza night and Blue Bell ice-cream....Pop is acting soooo crazy right now, he is certainly entertaining the little ones!!!!!! May the Lord bless each household with a wonderful Lord's day tomorrow!!!



Debbie said...

It sounds like good memories are being made. Praise the Lord

Bob and Cindy Cole said...

Hey now, what is in those bottles you are holding???I hope it is just root beer!! Ha Ha!


Anonymous said...

Oh! ‘Tis a blessing and fills my heart with joy to hear of such good times! It makes me smile to see a family having so much fun together! (Ps.133)
Those are some awesome lookin kites! (good pics too!) Stirs up treasured memories of a heavenly day when I learned to fly a big'n..... I’m glad to hear that ya'll are having fun with Terry's parents and your friends! :D
I pray you continue to have blessed fellowship and that the Lord overflows your cup with His joy!
( : Psalm 40 : )