Tuesday, December 11, 2007

No Power, But Coffee !!!

We are still without power as of Tuesday 10:50 pm. This is quite challenging. I was able to cook alot of hamburgers on the outside grill today, so that will get us a few meals. The roads are fine to travel on, its just alot of inconvience in the home. The news is saying the crews are going towards the larger areas of power loss verses the smaller rural areas. Pray the Lord would direct the crews our way! We are thankful for Terry getting the generator hooked up to the well house, otherwise we would not have water and that would be very diffficult. The generator brings a sad rememberance. The only reason we have one after all these years was in preparing to bring Joel home as it was neede as a back up for the life support and other things he was hooked up to. My little Joel, once a healthy, happy 3 year old, loving his family and farm. Then enduring the trial of cancer to being strapped to so many wires and tubes...Now you are free, in the warmth of your Creator and in presence of the true source of Power and Light. You were so adventerous, you would be having a "big" time with our present circumstances. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts to us during this weather crcumstance. Also pray we will let brotherly love continue in our home, it can get a little stressful. :) Terry has been "fixin" his coffee on the wood stove!!!!


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