Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Happy 17th Birthday to Elijah!!!!!!!!! .......when I think of Elijah the first thing that comes to mind is working machine,(when there is no work, he's bored) physically strong, mechanic, welder, gifted at playing the trumpet, loves to rent tractors and dozers, adventerous, cattleman, sensitive heart for the Lord and for his family... especially Mercy, who's nickname is "Diesel", guess who came up with that one...Elijah of course:) Whew, our birthday line-up has started again, Dec. Jan. Feb. March April!!! Elijah our 4th born, who was due on Nov. 27th but wanted to make his mommy WAIT, so we decided to be induced on the 5th of Dec. He and I have a birthday together, my spiritual birthday, 1982. When Elijah was born, we had no more room in the" inn " (car) so the Lord provided a station wagon and it lasted til over 200,000 miles. It caught fire as Terry drove to work many years ago and we had Elijah's picture taken on top of it after it was hauled in to the mechanics. It is just another reminder of the Lord's faithfulness to provide right when there is a need. Elijah has brought great joy and alot of funny adventures and sayings when he was smaller. I remember one night he was trying to get his nighties on by hisself, they were these "Kansas City Royal" top and pants. All of a sudden we heard him screaming in the other room "I want my Kansas City WAR pants". He is alot of fun for his younger siblings too, he is most willing to "hoop and holler" around with the them!!!!! Bethany can keep him busy with welding projects for her goats and he once again pulls through with a top of the line product! The Lord has blessed us with these precious gifts from him. Each one is gifted with unique talents and abilities. May the Lord bless you today Elijah, with a desire and a vision to pursue his kingdom, that you would follow the Lord all the days of your life and Lord willing raise up godly generations for his glory!!! I love you and I am blessed by your life!!

Last night "Paps"(my dad and step-mother Shirley, (my mother died with cancer in 1993) celebrated Christmans with the children. It went well. As you can see the picture of Josiah and his paps, a good time is going on around here. My dad and Shirley have been a tremendous blessing to us. The Lord has used them in many ways to provide for our family. I am grateful to the Lord for bringing them together, her husband had cancer too and died about 10 months before my mother. The children LOVE when the grandparents come for a visit, Terry's too.

It was Dec. 7th that we made our first blog entery with Joel. Anna came up with the "weloveyoujoel" blog name and Bethany typed many of the enteries while we were at the hospital. Today, on this day last year Joel was enduring great tests, bone scans, cat scans and migb(sp) scans. He had to go most of the day without eating. It was a very rough day. By the evening when all the family came up, he was doing well and enjoyed their company. The pics from the previous post were of this day. The Burnett family ministered to us greatly as it was Elijah's 16th BD, and we could not be together and celebrate his birthday. The B's went to our house and had a party that evening with Elijah and the crew. So many came to our hurting hearts and ministered and it will always be remembered.

Thank you for praying for us at this time, I do feel the grace but my mommy heart is sad and wishful. I want to embrace God's will and to learn to give thanks in everthing...hopefully I can.

Well.... I just wanted to wish Elijah a special day!!!! Tonight... grilled hamburgers, brownies and ice-cream was his request at his "PBR party":) (Professional Bull Riding)



L said...

Happy 17th Birthday Elijah! You sound like our 15 year old, Ryker, minus the bull riding : )

Our prayers are with your family. May God's grace and strength be your refuge and your stronghold.

In Him,
The Seargeant Family
aka The Tent Family
Recording the Faithfulness and Provision of God for Future Generations

Bob and Cindy Cole said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!

We love you guys and are praying for you during these days.

The Cole's †

Emma R. said...

Happy Birthday Elijah! Sounds like you are growing up to be fine young man. What a cool theme for your birthday I too like rodeo but none of my family does so it makes it hard for me to support my "habit" of watching it. :-)

I hope all of you have a wonderful time at the party

Still in my prayers, now and always.

Lori (Emmas Mom)

Lockwoods said...

Happy Birthday Elijah! We have an Elijah too...he's 9 years old (our 2nd born). Elijah was always my favorite "boy" name and when I was pregnant with my first, I was disappointed when my hubby said he really didn't like the name. So I gave it up. When I got pregnant with our 2nd, Daneil (dh) said, "How about Elijah for a boy?" I was shocked since he told me he didn't like it. He said he just didn't want to use it for our first. I asked if he was sure and he was...thus we have our Elijah.
Elijah, from the pictures you look like a real handyman, hard worker, and blessing to your family and others. May the Lord continue to work His will in your life as you seek Him.
You are all in our prayers each day.

The Morris Family said...

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Danielle said...

Happy 17th Birthday Elijah!!! May the Lord bless you abundantly this year. I am continually praying for you Mrs. Morris and your family!