Sunday, December 23, 2007

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas !!

"Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" was the little jingle that Joel sang last year as he swayed from left to right with his arms held high, so it is with him in mind that we say that jingle to you !!!!!

It is with a blessed heart that I share the happenings in our family and a broken heart that I have to revise Joel's residence. I am happy that Joel is with the Lord, but that part of my heart that is still wounded misses him and wishes he were here with his family.

The year 2007 has been one of joys, trials, and adventure, but the Lord has been with us through it all and according to the scripture, he has orchestrated the events that have unfolded before the foundation of the world. Many of you know that Terry left his cooperate job after 12 years to come home and work with sons and start a construction business,"Shekinah Springs Farm and Construction." After much prayer and his work making managerial changes, Terry discussed with his boss his desires. He had a wonderful boss that actually worked towards fulfilling Terry's and our families desire. Terry has demonstrated a great faith in Jehovah Jireh that is encouraging to each of us. So I start with that "big" change for our family.

Caleb and Daniel (20) are working with their father doing construction work. They have met many new people and as opportunity arises, they seek to share about the Lord. Of course one of their gifts is with music and they continue to have opportunities to enlarge their borders in that respect. They really enjoy composing. To me, it seems so hard, coming up with something from nothing, except what is in their head and I guess their heart. They are wonderful helpers on the homefront too. They are a blessing to me as they are very faithful to spend time with the Lord and are seeking to defy the worlds "system" in their faith, music and convictions that they have established in their hearts.

Bethany(18) has many talents and abiltiies. From skills in the home to undertaking and managing our Boer and Nubian goats. That involves alot of research in birth, breeding, nutrition in producing show quality animals which is her goal. Lord willing next year she has alot of plans to travel with her father and siblings to show some of the goats. I am blessed by her cheerfulness and how she always has time for her younger siblings.

Elijah(17) is a young man with strength and energy of a moose! Elijah loves life and adventure!!
His heart is very sensitive to the Lord and others. He is also working with his father and brothers and with all the energy is a great asset to the work crew. I am blessed by his sensitivity to me in that he seeks to make things smooth for his mom.

Anna(15) I always have to say what her name means, "gracious one", because that is her in a nutshell. She gives her self to her family 100%. She enjoys investing time with her siblings and is a marvelous worker in the kitchen too. I am blessed by Anna's sensitivity to seek forgivness when needed.

Micah(13) Alot of responsibility falls upon Micah's shoulders and he unceasingly helps hold the fort down throughout the day. Micah has recently purchased a compound bow and is waiting for the "Big One" to come along his tree stand that his paps got for him and help set up. I am blessed by the way he demonsrates endurance as he carries out extra chores when his older brothers are not here during the day.

Andrew(11) his name means "manly" and Andrew is proving that to be so. Whatever task is given, Andrew can handle and seeks to get it done without delay and that is a blessing to me! Andrew helps Bethany with the goats and is looking forward to the upcoming shows. I guess if we ever need provision of "food", Andrew will be the man. He brought in a rabbit the other night.

Joshua(9) Full of energy, which is a great help to mom when I run out of it! Joshua is enjoying hunting with his new equipment. Joshua is a blessing to me as he is learning to carry out his chores faithfully.

Jeremiah(7) a merry heart doeth good like a medicine, Jeremiah is our prescription when we need to have a happy heart. He is quite funny!!! I am blessed as Jeremiah carries out his man duties daily with a determination that will quickly get him out to the hunting range.

Hosanna(5) Already knows how to be a #1 mommy and take care of babies!!! What a wonderful sister she is to Mercy!!! She totes her around and likes to help watch her outside. She LOVES to do her schoolwork. She needs to shed some of her excitement on her brothers:) I am blessed by Hosanna's willingness to serve and help me.

Joel (Forever 3) In his presence is fulness of joy and at his right hand there are pleasures forever more. Our hearts miss you so very much! If the Lord lets you help build your families mansion, build a BIG one, so we can once again be together!! I am blessed by Joel's life of 3 years 4 months and 10 days. What a privilege to give birth, nourish and enjoy your sweet personality. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Josiah (4) a four year hold that is packed with sweetness that I just want to eat up!!! I am so thankful for him. Josiah enjoys playing outside and running with the big brothers. Hosie is his main partner. Josiah brings many smiles to my heart as he likes to hold me and we sit and talk about "Balley."

Mercy (21 months) Absolutely precious!!!!!! It is amazing her feet still hit the floor as brothers and sisters are still smothering her with "loves and kisses." Whenever you ask her a question that answers "yes', she says YEA BABY instead! Elijah taught her that. Mercy enjoys platying with her kitchen and babies. She is a very mommy girl and I love her "hold you" moments. Sometimes her and Duffy the dog have fusses and tugs over toys!!!! My brothers say "I"m show quality," that is goat lingo!!! I also have a bunch of other names " tiny, misty, diesel, dora, two-so dora, mary, she's so goood, giz, smarry, merkle, tiny poor one, and merty just to name a few!!"

Our 3 miscarriages, safe in the arms of Jesus. What a wonderful day to look forward to in seeing these precious little ones!!!

Me ( age not required) I am blessed beyond measure and more than I deserve

Terry (we are the same age) A father and husband of great faith and wisdom, and enjoying the fulfilling of a vision in working with his sons. Loves his wife like Christ loves the church!!! Looking forward to next years garden as he has expanded the site to about an acre.

What a blessing you all have been to our family this past year! Words cannot be typed to express our gratefulness for the prayers and encouragement that you have sent our way! May the Lord bless you with unmeasurable graces, provision, protection and fulfill your desires according to his will!! As we worship daily the birth of Jesus, may our hearts seek to honor the Lord God Almighty in heaven and on earth!!!



Carol Sue said...

thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ofen. it is surprising to see how the children have all have changed since the last family photo. I received the DVD and was brought to tears. I will always keep you in my prayers.

Luke's Mom said...

What a wonderful family picture. Did you have it done professionally? It was great to read your newsletter about your precious family. I finally got our newsletter and picture done this weekend. I hope to send you one in the mail, but I misplaced your address, if you could e-mail me it at I would appreciate it.

How was your Christmas? I know how hard holidays can be when you are grieving a loved one, I hope you were able to Christ's joy.

Love in Christ,