Thursday, December 13, 2007

An Adventurous Day

No power yet... but some adventures! My dear friend Mrs. Burnett took me out to lunch for a special birthday treat. (it is not quite my b.d. but yesterday the 12th was the day that would work for her. We had a fun time although we both thought we knew where the resturant was that we wanted to go to and it was not there, so we appeared to look like little "old ladies" trying to remember where the place was. We finally called Terry and he helped our memory:)!!!!! Thank you my dear friend for the sweet time of food and fellowship. After getting back home Bethany and I with Josiah and Hosanna went to the laundry mat and filled 7 washers up. We had build up since last Sat. We then went to our friends, the Coles and got showers. After that we had to go back to the laundry mat and put the clothes in 5 dryers which was going to take 45 min. The library was across the street so we went over there and spent the time reading some books and coloring. We arrived home around 6 pm. A very sweet family had called us earlier and said they wanted to bring us a meal. The husband is a gourmet cook, so I knew we were in for a special treat. Jeremy brought the wonderful meal and even served it to us!!!! He served us a spring green salad with pomagrante seeds, walnuts and fetta cheese with banana-apple vinaigrette. Our main course was saute'ed asparagus, Cous Cous, and Shallow poached Tialapiu covered with homemade Hollandaise sauce. It a very special meal and we enjoyed it. So hats off to the "chef". Thank you Canning family for ministering to our family!!!! Around 8:20 pm we headed to OKC to visit the Burnett family and for the rest of the children to get much needed showers!!!!!! Tery ended up staying at home to keep the wood stove going and to monitour the generator.We visited with them and arrived back at home a little before midnight. Thank you Burnett's for the snacks, laughs and the 'HOT water!!!!! It was a very full day!! So many friends that we are thankful for. May the Lord bless you for being a blessing to us.

December 12th of last year was a most joyous day, the day we brought Joel home. I will never forget the "feel" of the house. My step-mother and the girls worked so hard to get everything sterile for Joel. He was a little timid for a short time, then he was ready for Bethany to take him out to explore and see his farm. He wanted to go see the "shickens". After that he sat on the patio and ate his "shili" all wrapped up. That evening if you remember on the DVD we had Christmas with my dad. I could hardly imagine at that time it would be our last with Joel. He had such a big day and he gave every inch of energy to enjoy it. That night Joel slept in our bed, but after getting settled back at home, he was ready to get in his own little bed the next night. It is just so hard to believe all this has happened when there is obvious evidence that it has. I keep trying to trust and find comfort that the Lord is working all this for our good and his glory, but my heart emotions seem to over ride my faith. I just wish sometimes it could all be "fixed" and it would be back to normal. There are so many thoughts, emotions constantly going, I get so tired in my mind thinking about it all. I guess I just need to learn to trust and stop wrestling. May the Lord have mercy to help me along the way.

The power circumstances do not look to good from the electric companies web site report. They said it could be the end of the week, mabe the weekend. A few days is managable, but I think I am ready for some power now. Cooking has been the hardest, but we are working on it. There is no way we could have stayed here without the generator going and allowing the water to work. So we have to look at the blessings and be grateful. We had a wonderful meal, we have clean clothes, and clean bodies and we are warm!!!!!

Well... I will post some pics tomorrow, Anna is good at that, and it is late so I had better get to bed. Thank you Lord, for your good gifts today.


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Anonymous said...

Dearest Cindy,
I find such comfort in reading your postings. I began at the beginning and read all night through your blog. Each day I anticipate reading what you've written, wrapping up in your testament, as if it were a warm blanket.

I have cried for your beloved Joel and as a mother I can't even imagine what you and your family have endured over this last year.

Growing up, I lived a year with the Morris family and I was so touched to see Terry after all these years at his parents anniversary party and having the pleasure to meet you and talk with some of your children. I have been so impressed with each of you but especially with you Cindy, as I feel I have come to know you through your writings.

I pray for you and your family each day, especially for you. I long to be as strong as you and I thought I'd take the time to let you know that you are making a difference in my life, and how I walk each day, in my faith.

God bless you Cindy and your dear sweet family, as the holiday are upon us. I will continue to keep you in my prayers as we head into the new year.

With my sincerest love and respect - Janna