Monday, December 10, 2007

Iced In !!!!!

We are iced in!!!! Our electricity went out at noon today. We were hopeful it would come back on soon but there are ao many out, I guess they are working as hard as they can. I called around 4 pm and the company said be prepared for at least two days and then someone said it could be longer. We have lived out here almost 14 years and have not been without power more that 4-6 hours. So I guess that is a blessing isn't it? It was ok until it started getting dark and needing to take care of business in the restrooom, so Terry got the generator going outside and now we have water and a few lights via extension cords. When the lights came on after he hooked up the generator the children were jumping around saying "Oh, we have the internet and the Christmas tree lights" So that is what is important:)!!!!!! We have heat through our wood stove which is a huge blessing even when we have electricity. This morning I had started boiling a whole chicken and then the power went so I took it over and placed it on the stove and finished it!!!!! I cannot imagine living in the days of no power. I am thankful for the conveniences that we are so blessed with. So... tonight we are all snuggled in our warm home, we are together, and they are watching some Vision Forum DVD's. Hopefully we will get our power soon! May the Lord bless you with warmth and thankful hearts of just being together!!

Anna has taken some nice "winter" pictures. It is hard to keep up all my Creative albums with all of her wonderful pictures!!!!


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Christine said...

It sounds like you are all having some wonderful winter memories! Blessings to you!