Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Keep Praying

Joel's heart rate kept dropping while he was on the vent, so now my Dad is manually resperating him. His heart rate is hanging around 80 to 90 and his oxygen is staying at around 100. We are in the process of trying to take him home. The ambulance is scheduled to arrive around 6:00 p.m. Please pray that the Lord will sustain him during the move.


Emma R. said...

Please keep us updated, manually "bagging" a child for a long period is very draining emotionally and physically. We did it for long periods with our daughter.

I pray Joel makes the trip ok and that once he gets home all goes well

carol.wilder said...

Keeping you in our prayers that Joel will be able to travel home with safety and precision. Praying often for the entire Morris family for strength and comfort.

The Savory's Red Dirt Farm said...

Prayers are coming on the double!

The Savory Family
(Guthrie, Oklahoma)

Michelle Crook said...

Definitely continuing in prayer for Joel and your family. Praying for strength ... and the Lord to do a mighty work. Keep us updated (if possible) so we can pray for your immediate needs.

Conchita & Sammy Diaz said...

Our prayers are non-stop and look forward to reading a new message with the good news that Joel is finally home. We pray to the Lord that he keeps giving you all the strength both emotional and physically to endure all what you are going thru.
Miracles Happen!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Praying over here in NJ. Lord lift up joel, heal him lord.