Saturday, January 6, 2007

God can do the Impossible

Praise the Lord for letting us have our Joel for another night. Yesterday morning he was responding to some stimulus, but when the doctors came in my Dad did the same things that we did earlier and there was no response. He had a test done to determine the blood flow to the brain and there was none. Basically the doctors have pronouced him brain dead.

They wanted to remove the fluids, but once my Dad found out he opposed that. The doctor said that legally since he is brain dead they had to remove the fluids and that we would have to find someone else to take care of him. At that point we had a lawyer come and after a talk with him and the doctors they have decided to let him stay at least until Monday night. After that we will have to try to find another hospital to take care of him.

We believe that until his little heart stops beating he is still alive. The doctors can do nothing else but God can. We are praying that his will will be done.

Our hearts are devestated but we are trusting in God's plan. As I was holding him yesterday, looking at his sweet face I realize how precious he is to us. Please pray for my dad to have wisdom for the many decisions he has to make.

Posted by his sister Bethany


Suzanne said...

we are continuing to pray fervently for y'all. we love you so much. and know that God can do the impossible. know you are swaddled in prayers of so many believers right now.

love the parkers

Teena said...

I came here tonight.... looking for an update and my heart sank as I read about Joel. We are lifting him up too~ as so many are.

Praying for ALL.... thank you Bethany for the update.

May God touch Joel....
Teena mom of 1/2 dozen

K.T. says peace said...

I will keep you and your family in my prayers....God is with you in every step.God Bless you and your family.