Monday, January 22, 2007

Joel Moves His Foot!

Tonight I am sitting here watching Joel move his foot. You are not misreading this; Joel is moving his right foot without stimulation. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! He has been moving this foot for about ten minutes or so. His foot is lying on top of a blanket elevated, and the toes are moving as I write this. I had two nurses come in to see it for themselves.

Please continue in earnest prayer to the one who can raise up little Joel. His skin color is rather dark, and his urine out put has slowed down. We need the Father to do what only He can do and sustain Joel’s life. We also tried to restart his nutrition, but he did not take it at all. Pray for wisdom and guidance as we seek to care for Joel

We are making preparations to leave the hospital on Wednesday, Lord willing, sometime before noon. As of this writing we do not have any formal nursing care to help when we get home. Please pray for the Lord’s provision in that area. The Lord has sustained Joel for 18 days now, and for that we are grateful. The road has been difficult at times, but we know that ‘all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose’. We can rest on that bedrock truth, that God is sovereign in all things. May He raise up Joel in His time…..


Suzanne said...

Praise God!!

The Savory's Red Dirt Farm said...

Praise the Lord!

We are celebrating right along with you and your family!!!!

The Savory Family
(Guthrie, Oklahoma)

suzyok said...

Praise Jesus!! This is such a good sign and I have faith that the Lord will carry Joel all the way. We are continuing to hold Joel and your family up. May the Lord Bless your family. Susie Musick

stu fultz said...

i've just come off of deplyment and received word of your child via a mutual friend in matt parker. God is true and faithfull always and my prayers are with our little warrior joel and they are also with you my brother and with cindy. please tell me my friend if there is anything i may be able to do to help your family. i am on my knees for your child.

always your friend,


Elizabeth said...

Praise the LORD!!! Our God is able.

Christal said...

Praise the Lord!! He is healing Joel. It is happening!:-D

Christal said...

My husband brought something to my attention just now. Because Joel is so immobile, this could be causing the swelling. If you exercise his limbs perhaps would that help the water retention and overall bodily functions? I am not a medical person but this makes a lot of sense.
Of course you could already be doing this, but maybe more exercise is needed. We are fervently speaking the Word over Joel and asking God to fully raise him up.
much love, Christal

Stephen said...

The Lord is truly working a miracle in Joel.

mcgehee1045 said...

As Psalms has been shared, you can't keep from being full of faith and hope when you hear great news!!!! Praise God! Let all people shout that He is God!!

Tom, Liz and children (Bethany we have new kids too. Triplets)

Kelly said...

Praise the LORD! Oh, this post has filled me with joy. He is indeed in control. Praise God!
I will continue to keep precious little Joel and his family in prayer.