Tuesday, July 12, 2011

so dry !!

The ground crunches when you walk on it!! The pasture is like straw! It is really terrible! We got a few sprinkles today but it was not enough to make even a dent. The cactus is thriving but everything else is dying, trees are loosing their leaves, and some of our red buds are all brown, I don't know if they have died or not. May the Lord have mercy to send rain to our land!

I would like to share Anna's photography blog with with you all. It here!!! I think she has done a good job along with Kristens help, I like it!! Hope it blesses you!! Make sure you look all the way to the beginning!!!!

Well, guess we will head out about 5 am Wed morning for Elijah's collar bone surgery! If you think about it, pray for him! Thank you!

Blessings to you!!

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Karol said...

Praying both for rain and for the surgery. Know that God has all of you, as well as the land in the palm of his hand. He is not surprised nor concerned by any of it.