Sunday, July 10, 2011


Wow!!! the temps have been unbelievable!!! It was 111 degrees here yesterday! and like 110 degrees at 8 pm!! We are in need of rain desperately. Everything is literally like straw and such a danger!! It looks like the 100's all week too! I do like heat, but this is a little much!! :/ Trying to stay cool inside is a challenge as well, since we have only a few portables and a couple of window units and it has been 94 in here, but we are doing fine. God is good and there is worse things for sure. One being the incident at the Texas Ranger stadium on Thursday, remember we were just there June 24th, well a dad and his son were there and the father reached for a ball and fell out of the stands onto concrete, he died within an hour. Pray for them, such a sad thing!! I have to remind myself of the scripture in Ecc. "there is a time to be born and a time to die." God is Sovereign!! AND God is Sovereign over dirtbikes!! Elijah had a wreck and he broke his collar bone on Saturday. On Monday we have to call and get an appt. with a bone Dr. to see if its the kind of break that will heal on its own or the kind that requires surgery to put it in place!! So, say a prayer for him as well if you remember!

Well, this week, Terry and Daniel have an outta town job! We have a wedding this weekend to attend and some of the older ones (the adult ones) are going to a church camp!! And then the week after some are going to another church camp and are involved in playing some music at the camp!! Can it get any busier???

Heading over to pizza hut, I gotta go see my girly friend that I have not seen in too many Sundays!!!

Stay cool, if you can!!!

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it has been about that hot here, too! I hope you guys are staying cool! I think we're planning on going swimming today.

Oh, that is so sad! I will be praying for that family...

Ouch! Sure sounds like Lije hurt himself! I'll bet he was having fun though. :)

Hope to see you all soon!