Tuesday, July 5, 2011

july 4th 2011

Jeremiah having tons of fun swimming!!!!

Rebekah and Daniel......twinkeeeees!!!

all the gals......
4 Morris girls in the middle
3 Stinson girls at the bottom and
Heather at the tip top

What a fun 4th!!! We celebrated over in Owasso Oklahoma with the Stinson family!! Swimming, volley ball, hamburgers, ice-cream and fireworks!! Our children LOVE to swim, who wouldn't when its 100 degrees plus everyday!! Bout the only thing one can be doing to survive this! Thankful for friends with wonderful hospitality.

Friday I got up early for grocery day, Saturday I got up for Farmers Mrkt, (our best one yet, thankfully) Sunday got up early for church, Monday got up early for our 4th trip to Owasso Ok, Tuesday..................I slept late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I am still soooooo tired. It takes me a few days to recover when I loose sleep!!

All is well on the Morris farm, our garden is suffering greatly for lack of rain. It has been a very tough gardening year. Of course Terry does not give up, thats what farmers do, keep throwing organic matter in, keeps pulling weeds, keeps watering, keeps praying. Hoping for a small fall harvest of lettuce and spinach. Goats are all doing good. Bethany sold two small bucks this past week. And as always making plans for future goals. Our cow head has grown significantly, Elijah sold 4 just recently. Most of the chickens have bit the dust, I dont think I want anymore after these are deceased!!! Too many cats, so if in need please come and get!! hahah!!

I have a new name for Kristen and Caleb, "the inseparables!!" I guess the "Incredible Inseparables!!" They are doing well up in MD. I think they enjoyed the 4th at Harpers Ferry!! Caleb is still working for Kristen's dad. Lots of wonderful people up there that he has met. I wanna go meet them all someday!!

I also wanted to mention almost 8 weeks now, Bethany and Lucas after prayer, came to a mutual decision not to continue with the courtship. Thats what a courship is, to see if your compatible, learning about each other, and discerning God's will. All is well with them both. We dont actually see him much anymore since he is on the Cushing police dept and lives over there, but the guys have hung out with him so he's still a friend they see. God is good as we are face to face with the season of life where the older ones are seeking, praying, waiting for the ones that God has for them.

Guess I better see whats happening on Andy Griffith, the littles have him on!

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Teena said...

Hi! How are you? Love all the pics. Congrats on Daniel. Praying for Bethany. Different season of our lives with the older ones ... brings lots of emotion for me. Mandi is 22 like Bethany. She too, is praying and seeking God's will.

I loved reading all your posts. How cool. I love the six flags pics and the baseball game pics, swimming...

our garden didn't do much either...

Praying for you, Cindy. Thinking of you... Joel. I haven't forgotten... and God is faithful. You encouragement me with your words.

much love,