Wednesday, July 13, 2011

post surgery update!!!

We are home!!! Elijah is resting. All went well with the surgery. Thankful for that!! He was suppose to have the surgery at a surgery center in Stillwater but they were remodeling so they sent us over to the Stillwater Medical Hospital.The surgery staff at the surgery center came to the hospital to do the procedure. To be honest, I did not like going to a hospital, too many memories but God gave grace and everything is all fine! Now, to keep Elijah's arm doing "nuthin" til the 20th and then for 4-6 weeks of no work will be my biggest challenge!!! Me and the little children went to the library yesterday and got tons of reading material and lots of old movies for him (and us)!! So that might get him by for maybe 48 hours!!!! hahah!!! Main thing is for him NOT to use the arm, raise it, lift, or anything like that!! I think he thinks hes got it made because he can still text!! We will see how the eating goes, as his left hand is all bandaged up from the hand break and now the right arm has to be immobile!!!! I even got to feed him a muffin this morning after surgery with a spoon, and of course I have to add some drama to it, so I was pretending he was my little boy again!!! haha!!! He didnt think that was toooo cool!!!

Thank you for praying!! It means so much to us!! Now for a good quick, strong recovery!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

Oh man, I bet the muffin feeding was hilarious! I can just picture it... HAHA! :D Good for you!
Glad to hear that it all went well! Eating should be an adventure alright, you'll have to share a picture! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey, he shouldn't complain about getting to read all day...that would be heaven for me!!! :)

Anonymous said...

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Paige said...

Were praying for your healing Elijah stay of that arm so it can heal. at least you hurt yourself playing and not working. You can always remember I broke my arm/collar bone goofing off.