Wednesday, July 27, 2011

dear friends......

Dear Faithful Blog Friends~~~

Hope you all are doing well!! We are hot!! But whats new??? I was blessed yesterday to get a window a/c in our bedroom and had the first cool night of sleep all summer, thank you to my husband!! I am finding myself in a place of what to do about this blog. I would never "delete" it, I still need it for Joel's sake, yet I am finding myself with a lack of what to write about. Yes, I still grieve but I think I have expressed every emotion under the sun so I just say three words, "God is Fathful!" I hope you all will always remember Joel. Anyways, I think the best thing for you all to do is (if ya want) is to subscribe to our blog and if and when I update, you will know and you won't have to keep checking back many times a day. I will be sure to let you know if anything exciting happens like engagement or marriage......hopefully it will happen before I'm tooooo old!! haha!!Or if anything MAJOR happens around here!!

Thank you all for being so faithful to our family!! I love you all! And you never know......that something MAJOR could be tomorrow and I will see ya then......hahha!!

In the mean time, know God is Sovereign, and may the Lord bless you and keep you and make his face to shine upon you........


Mandy said...

I will miss your regular posts, but I totally understand. I have stopped updating my blog and made it private.
I hope to here some exciting news soon! :)

Karol said...

I too have found myself in a place of not really being able to blog on Laynee's blog much. There are only so many ways of expressing a grief whose pain cannot be described. I have come to a place of feeling resigned to the fact that this cavernous hole in my heart will ache, in varying degrees, for the rest of my life on this earth. The pain has, in many ways, become deeper and more private than it was in the early months after her accident. I accept this, knowing that I hurt like crazy because I loved like crazy. My sweet baby and her departure from this earth, has changed who I am and how I think.

I hope that you will continue to blog about some of your family experience. I have a secret confession, my 15 year old daughter thinks the Morris family is amazing and reads every one of your posts. It is wonderful to read that even in the face of great sorrow, others, like ourselves continue to move forward, to take one breath at a time, to praise our God from whom our hope comes from.

Praying for your ever aching mother heart.

God is good.......all the time.

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

I will never forget! Love you so much!

Olivia Coy said...

This makes me sad that you won't be posting as regularly. I've not read your blog for a super long time, and I've never commented, but I always looked forward to your posts.



Chad and Jessica's Family: said...


You will be missed, but I totally understand. I am at least grateful that you will even update some things here.

We will always remember Joel. I still remember the night I found your blog and I read like the whole blog that night and my heart was so touched by his story. Sweet sweet boy in the arms of our Lord. We watched Joel's Journey the other day cause I had some sick little ones. Blesses us.

Take care Cindy!


Cindy & Rich said...

I will miss you blog. I look at it like a spirtual treasure hunt. I can always count on reading your words and being uplifted, on my down days I can find a reminder and some encouragement of what my Saviour has done.

Good Goats said...

I don't think I've ever commented before. . . but your family is awesome and so is your blog! Gonna really miss your frequent updates but I totally understand.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I will miss hearing about you and your family and all your adventures! Love you guys! Can't wait for some news!!!! :)

janicerichard04 said...

Morris Family,
Although not a frequent commenter to your blog, I will admit I have enjoyed reading all about the "Days in the Lives of the Morris'". I have picked up many food ideas, Bday party ideas and much more. Most importantly, I have depended on your blog to help heal my broken heart (losing my husband of 29 years at the age of 52). You always seemed to be able to blog the "right words" at the "right time". I'll certainly miss that but understand your position. You have touched many; myself being one.
~ Blessings from "The New Brunswickers"~