Monday, July 11, 2011

injury report......

Well, I guess in 24 years to only have 2 breaks of bones with 13 children is not a bad record. Daniel's was the first with a broken finger many years ago and now Elijah with the broken collar bone with the dirt bike wreck he had on Saturday and after the Dr. appt. today he also found out his left hand was broke too. He found out as well that he has to have surgery to "fix" the collar bone break!!!!! They will put him back together with some plates and screws!!! Besides Joel having a surgery related to his cancer this is the only other surgery our family has had!! We have been blessed, God has protected and kept us safe from so much. The very strange thing is on Saturday as Elijah was outside with his dirt bike loaded and about to drive off, I had this "feeling" he was going to get hurt. I prayed for him in my heart that God would keep him safe and that angels would be round about him. Now some might say God did not answer my prayer. It depends on how you look at it. I say He DID answer my prayer!!! Not that my prayer is so great but what if I had not prayed, it could have been maybe a worse injury. I am thankful I stopped and prayed for him. God did keep him safe!!! So now, if you think of it pray for Elijah Wed. morning about 6 am as he has surgery. Thank you already!!

Elijah is left handed and its all wrapped up from the break and after Wed. he will likely not be able to raise his right hand/arm up to high, so Mercy assured him as he was trying to eat tonight and experiencing some difficulty that she would feed him like a baby!!! She is very compassionate with people when they get hurt!! They said it would be about a 6 week recovery, so pray he heals quick and strong and during this time, he will still be a good steward of the time he will have!! He asked us today as we were sitting around, "is this what yall do all day?" I said, "well yes, and welcome to the club!!" Its not going to be easy for a fellow like him to be doing "nuthin!!"

I told him after his bull riding event at a rodeo several years ago and he got hurt, I said "NO more!!!" and now with this, I think he needs to get my drift......."NO more!!" I dont think hes going to totally take me up, but at least find something less eventful, like trail riding on horses, or calf roping or golfing!!!

May you have a blessed evening tonight!! Gonna get some coffee going!!

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Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Oh, Elijah...I'll be praying. I'm so thankful it wasn't worse, too, and praise the Lord for His protection and for prompting your heart to lift up your son in prayer.