Thursday, July 7, 2011

generations to come......

It's what I have been doing these almost 24 years........investing, praying, nurturing, admonishing, training, advising, protecting, disciplining, loving and much more...............only to send them out to Lord willing raise generations of faith!! I have been reading about "generations" in the last week or so. People born at certain times, certain eras, places, its all happening according to His will. In the long ago days in the the book of Ruth, HE was foretold. "And the women said unto Naomi, Blessed be the Lord, which hath not left thee this day without a kinsmen that his name may be famous in all Israel." ......."and they called his name Obed: he is the father of Jesse, the father of David." Way back then a little boy was born named Obed and in generations to come Jesus would come through his line. Raising a heritage of faith is my greatest prayer to the Lord. Not just one or two generations but until the appearing of Jesus Christ is my prayer!! I like the verse in 4:22, it says, "the Lord gave her conception, and she bare a son." Its the Lord that grants children! I guess I am thinking of all this because of the older children and where they are, 5 of them are definitely of the age to consider/praying about marriage as He provides. Its a new step for a moms heart. I am super-duper excited yet there is this tinge of I dont think its necessarily sadness but rather trying to prepare for change. A change of devotion, affection, of giving themselves to another. I am not saying woe is me by any means, this has been going on since Adam, but its my turn now or close to it Lord willing and so I am just saying its different, its a bitter sweetness. That saying is all I can come up with. The scriptures I have been reading is very fitting to my heart now, it tells me this is why I have done that they will cleave to another, allow God to give children as a blessing and by His grace and mercy may the Lord give faith and repentance to a mighty host of generations to come through the 12 children that are here with us!

We are trying to survive the drought of no rain but everything is so brittle and dry! One can hardly go barefoot anymore, unless you want splinters! About the only cool place is outside in the little kids swimming pool. Not much relief even in the house! But when I have it, ice cold lemonade quenches your thirst! I hope Hosanna doesnt make us start paying a $1.oo for it like on Saturday at Farmers Market! :) I always do it, but you know those popsicle things you freeze, well we have "chain popsicle eaters!" They always ask if they can have one, but it has gotten where that is like every minute, so I finally said, "don't ask, just eat them when you want!!" (and then the popsicles will be gone sooner) haha!!

Terry and Daniel are doing a job outta town but they will be home for the weekend, at least Terry will be, I think Daniel has plans with you know who.....Rebekah, so we wont see him, and then they will have to go back next week. Some are getting ready for church camp, to go as a counselor, and then another camp after that one. Bethany is waiting for the call from her bestest friend to say "the baby is on the way," her and Micah are driving up to Illinois. And well, you know, Terry and I are hanging around taking care of the all the littles!!

Terry did get the sheet rock up to the laundry area, so it looks neat to have it all sectioned off now. I am still waiting for the cabinet guy to come and measure the space for the area that will hold the double oven. My next step is something I can do and that will be taping, texturing and painting the sheet rock that we just put up. I have to move the computer desk thing because I am going to texture behind it as well and paint it the same color as in the kitchen. So the only things that are left to do will be, finishing out the windows and around doors with wood trim (same wood as cabinets), the tile on the floor, ceiling fans and lighting over the island, and then putting the tongue and groove wood ceiling over the computer area and of course finishing out the laundry room. Some of it will be next spring/ summer, like the tile for sure.

Well, thats about it!!! Hope you all are doing well! Hosanna lit a candle awhile ago and it was cinnamon......makes me think of pumpkins, and hot dog roasting fires, and sweatshirts and I guess if you can believe it.....I am thinking of Fall!! I am ready for it to be about 80 in the house instead of 93!! :/

Blessings to you!!

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The Cole Family said...

We were in Hobby Lobby the other day and saw all of their fall decorations. It is nice to think about cooler temps. Fall is my favorite time anyway.

I am so happy for you about your house! We are planning a remodeling project for our house, Lord willing next year. It will be so nice!