Thursday, January 6, 2011

we are moving!!!!!!!

How's everyone doing out there???? All is well on the home front here. Just the normal "big" family stuff, laundry, cleaning, school work and a bit of fun outside with the few warm days we have been having!

The guys are in two crews, Ada crew and it is coming along. Sure hoping to finish by the end of Jan. and then they will back home and just working OKC stuff. Elijah has a crew in OKC or actually near Tulsa building a house this week. Hotel life for that crew this week. But Lord willing everyone will be home Friday and THEN its my turn for construction work!!!! On Saturday we are moving!!!!!!!!! Lord willing Terry will get the electrical/water going in the new area and I will be able to look out our beautiful window over the sink!!! We plan to take the remaining kitchen wall out and it will all be open space! Of course another huge mess, dust, dirt but I have to endure as we keep moving forward with the kitchen project. The cabinet fellow came out today and he is beginning the work on the island that will be 5x8 foot. I look forward to that space to work/ prepare on. It will have on one side a hangover so bar stools can go along side of it which the little ones enjoy popping up there and helping and watching! After the island we'll be on teh homestretch for the final cabinets on the north wall as far as cabinets go. Still lots of detail work and also reconfiguring the laundry area when you come through the garage. So back to Saturday, all Morris hands on deck!!!!

Not a whole lot to report with our new adventures with courtship. All is going well. Lucas is either out here each night or he and Bethany are in town with his Oklahoma family. His parents do not live in Oklahoma and he works and lives with the neatest family in town. They all go to our church so its so wonderful to all be in one place to fellowship together! I guess a few of you were wondering about the "story." Well, of course they met at our church here in town I guess about 4 months ago and so he, Caleb, Daniel, and Elijah became good friends right off the bat. They started hanging out together, volley-ball, having bon fires together, going out to the land, coming out here and hanging out, dirt bike riding and doing things together in OKC and all along Bethany, Anna and Micah were going along with them, so Lucas was getting to know Bethany and our family by just being with them/us. It wasn't long till Lucas began talking with Bethany's brothers, as he figured he better check it out and see if they were ok with him liking Bethany:) They were all super excited! Of course I think as Bethany has said she had been praying as well just on her own about Lucas and was just asking God to guide and His will be done. Middle of Dec. Lucas went to Terry with all his buddies, Caleb, Daniel and Elijah to talk to Terry about Bethany! And it was at Mcdonalds!!! hahah!!! Terry goes there and does computer work while he is in Ada. So here comes Lucas and Elijah walking in which they were not even suppose to be in Ada, so Terry was surprised and was asking what are yall doing here? Lucas then told Terry he wanted to talk to him about one of his daughters! Terry being a layed back dad said, "which one?" I think Terry knew but he had to give him a hard time! Anyways they talked and Terry shared his expectations as far as courtship and all and as Lucas told him he had been praying for quite sometime to see what God would have him do and this was it! Sooooo, things have been rolling since!! They spend alot of time talking, texting, and being together, sharing goals, hopes, ideas, and figuring out somethings that they have different perspectives on but I think they are coming up with some happy mediums. I shared a scripture with Lucas and told him it was one I was praying over them. I Corith. 1:10, Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that ye all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that ye be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgment. God can take two people from two different backgrounds and join them perfectly together and make them one, make them a stronger light and testimony than staying as two individuals. The Lord did that with me and Terry!!!!! and I am confident He has the ability to accomplish that with Bethany and Lucas! He has won the little ones heart, he brought them a surprise last night, a Toy Story movie!!! Its fun, I am blessed to see my daughter begin her adventures with Lucas and really what God has created a woman to do, be a help meet to the one God gives.

I dont really have any pictures to post, its too cold to go outside much (besides these few days) and inside, well Anna doesnt pic up the camera much. I told Lucas and Bethany I want to go outside and get some good pictures, so hopefully soon on that. Thats one thing Lucas has to get use to, not be camera shy!!

Hope you all have a happy evening. We got Davey Crockett going right now!

I guess I will throw some kitchen demolition pictures up next week, not too exciting as far as subject but documentation nevertheless!!!

Please pray for these. I do not know either, but I do know of the unbearable trials they are walking. this family and Jacob


The Munck Family said...

WOW, sounds like lots happening! I hope all goes smoothly and much gets accomplished! We are enjoying hearing about the season in which the Lord has you in, thanks for sharing.


Janet said...

So many new promises! Wishing you and your dear family a happy and healthy New Year! With love from a rainy Johannesburg!

Preciouspeas said...

What a sweet story - I pray that all things work for the Lord's purpose with Bethany and Lucas. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Elisabeth Lindsey said...

hey, what's wrong with the Brie lady? Did that last post mean that she had died?