Friday, January 14, 2011

its friday!!!!

the little bit of snow we had last week....they
figured out some fun stuff to do.....
sled jumps!!!!!
Josiah the brave!!

Hard to believe its Friday already!!! Today was grocery day so I did not get home until 6pm. Some had already hit the road to the NCR Rodeo in OKC. Terry and the guys are having to work tomorrow in Ada, so they did not get to come home tonight. Saturday they are pouring 20 foot walls, and it will take 15 trucks of concrete. The biggest pour yet! Its the school gym. Lord willing there is light at the end of the tunnel for the Ada job completion. Hopefully 2-3 weeks. It will be so nice to have them work OKC and local and have them home for dinner in the evenings.

20 foot walls, alotta concrete to fill these up!!!!
you get on the walk boards at the top, hold the
pumper hoses and fill the walls up with

Elijah sold his truck today. He has wanted to get a diesel for some time, so he has been saving, waiting and now the time has come. He has found one local and hopes to get it soon if its still there. Its a newer Dodge than he had. Twenty years old and he is working on his second truck. Major!!

Tonight I painted the floor where we tore out the wall and also re-painted the area by the cabinets as a quick fix until someday we can get tile. It looks better than concrete for sure. The cabinet guy is working on the island so hopefully not too much longer on that. That is going to be my favorite of all the cabinet stuff. A great place to bring all the groceries in and then put them away, and to roll out pizza, make cookies and serve meals.

Well, to be honest I feel like I am on a roller coaster of emotions. Hosanna's bd and Joel's heaven day on Sunday the 23rd. Plus just trying to figure out some things that need to happen in our home. More than ever life is just so busy, people coming and going constantly, which is not necessarily a problem, its just trying to keep things running smoothly in the midst of it. Our laundry system is probably the biggest burden. We don't really have a place to put all the clean laundry except on my bed which when its folded or not causes a great problem when I want to go to sleep!!! Haha! Sometimes too, I just get tired of cooking. But I don't want to eat out, so I need to be more organized of calling in the troops to have particular days that they cook on without asking me "anything" so my brain can be recover cells!!! I really love the season we are in, it just needs some fine tuning. We have never done this before, older children going places, baby sitting jobs, activities in the evenings, spending time with "courters." hahahah!! so I don't have the solutions at hand, its like learn as you go. So I don't want to whine, I just need to pray and ask the Lord for grace to do this and somehow be a joyful mother of children!

Well, like I said, trying to plan Hosanna's bd and also Joel's heaven day. It pains me to have to figure out how to incorporate this day with Hosanna's bd. But God is faithful to give "help." These last 4 years of coming up with a theme to include Joel has worked out so well and I felt good in my heart that his memory has been included in her parties. So I am going to give you a hint of her party this year with this phrase. "We are just the best of friends, don't ya think." So if ya wanna guess what kind of party she is having, go ahead and try!!! Hosanna and Joel were best of friends. They loved each other, they played so well together, she was always watching out for her little twin brothers. I love the picture below of Joel and Hosanna. I love his little boots, his little jeans that were sagging down and his little white underwear is sticking out. What a friend!

Hosanna and Joel
Oct 2006

Its late, I need to go get on the treadmill, get ready for bed!! Have a great weekend!!!!


Karen said...

That picture of Hosanna and Joel is so precious, yet it tugs at my heart. And reading your post about 'lasts' had me all choked up.

I look forward to seeing how you incorporate the bd and Heaven day. May it create sweet memories for your family...


Anonymous said...

That picture is darling Mrs. Morris!

You know, the 23rd is our littlest sisters birthday as well! She'll be 7!!

I think we are ALL glad the school job is coming to a close! :D

We cannot wait for our chance of snow! We've been having some every year for the past 2 or 3! We'll wait and see!

Will be praying for you Mrs. Morris.

Love, Sarah

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

You still need fine tuning to be a mom!!!! Oh, darn. I thought it would get easier!!! :) Being a mom is hard but we wouldnt trade it.

What a cute picture of friends. I know the Lord will give you help for that day every year. He is good. Little Hosanna is always going to cherish these memories and everyone will be blessed to remember JOel that day.

Oh our table! Yikes. If you want the plans really email us and Chad can get em for Terry. It is a whopper of a table. I think you will like it as it will be rugged and more country!

I am praying for you.


Teena said...

Cindy, thinking of you. Mandi's birthday is the 23rd and I remember this time four years ago as you shared here. I remember crying as I read. I am lifting you up to the Father. Asking Him to give you comfort... and to also give you His strength as you make it a very special day for Hosanna. I remember what you said last year or the year before how God knew He would connect them together... it helped me. My Dad died on Wesley's 4th birthday. Each year it is hard. I try to tie the two together...

I love all the pics .... I love seeing Joel's diaper peeking. I miss my diaper days.

Thank you for being a wonderful friend to me. I hope one day we can meet, our children can play together and you and I can sit and chat.

I love you,

The Ahlgren Family said...

It'll be good for Bethany and Anna (and the guys at home too!) to cook more meals to give you a break! I wish I'd cooked more meals when I lived with my parents!
Sounds like Hosie will have a Jessie and Woody party! That'll be just perfect, if we're right! :D
We were thankful to hear that the pour went well! We certainly had been praying for the guys! Billy gave us more details and it sounds like it was an adventure at times!
Love and Blessings,
( : The Mavericks : )

Shannon said...

The picture of Joel is precious. I love his little boots and jeans. I am thinking of you Mrs. Cindy!
Shannon in Austin
(your new OSU friend :)

KD said...

I'll be praying for you all as Joel's Heaven going day comes around(it is my Josiah's birthday).
I know you all miss him much...

I'm so glad for pictures...