Sunday, January 23, 2011

happy birthday Hosie, happy heaven day Joel !

Joel Caleb
Sept 13, 2003- Jan.23, 2007

Happy Heaven Day!!

Four years ago today, Joel went to live with Jesus! Seems like its been soo long since I held him. Four years has not changed how much I miss him, how much I still cry, how much I still wonder in my mind what it would be like if he were here. Four years......I love him still!! But thanks be unto the Lord, in the midst of these four years, grace has been given. Grace has not taken the pain, the tears, the hurt away, but it gives me hope that I will see him again!

I try to think of something special "to do" on this day to honor Joel. The first year I wrote this poem. Another year I shared on the blog his slide show. Bethany made the collage one year thats on the sidebar. But this year I just could not come up with anything. But now I know the reason. God was going to give Terry the idea. You see today is also "Sanctity of Life." So Terry had the thought of asking our Pastor if he could pass out Joel's Journey's DVD's to the congregation as a gift to remember Joel, to honor him and share about the sanctity of life which is what the DVD is about, saving, preserving and standing up for life in a world where the medical field wants to "play God." The Pastor was willing for Terry to share briefly at the end of the service today and then offer the DVD's to anyone who would like one. So you see, here is the special idea to remember Joel this year!!! If you would like a Joel's Journey DVD, we would love and feel honored to send you one as a gift too. E-mail us at

Here is a verse that I read a few weeks ago and wanted to share it on this day. Its to YOU!!

Ye also helping together by prayer for us, that for the gift bestowed upon us by the means of many persons thanks may be given by many on our behalf. 2 Cor. 1:11.

Your prayers in these four years have been felt, have been received with gratefulness and God has used you to bestow a great gift to us...prayer. Thank you!

Also today is a very special little girls birthday!! Hosanna Frances!! She is 9 years old today!!! What a blessing she is to me and our whole family!!! She is a princess for sure!

Happy Birthday Hosanna!!!!

We celebrated her "Jessie Party" yesterday, remembering her and Joel with the little phrase that Jessie says in the movie," we are just the best of friends, don't ya think?" Her and Joel were best friends, he had alot of "best friends," 12 of em!!

Birthday pictures coming soon......Monday!!!!


Janet said...

Happy, happy Birthday to Hosie! Wishing her a wonderful year and hugs from Johannesburg!

KD said...

Love you and hope ya'll have a great day honoring Joel. I can't wait to meet him one day!
Happy Birthday Hosie! Can't wait to see those pics!

Karol said...

Birthday Hosie, and prayers to all. This week is my sweet Laynee's Brithday, her second in heaven. The aching and missing seems to never end. Happy Heavenly Day, Joel.

Jessica said...

May your heart be blessed by sweet remembrances of a precious boy.

And what a beautiful "Jessie"!

Karen said...

Happy Birthday, Hosanna.

And Happy Heaven Day, Joel. What a God given way to honor and remember little Joel today. May God be with your family as you share his story with your congregation.

Hugs and blessings...

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Prayed for you. Hope you had a very special day remembering Joel and that God's amazing grace, peace and comfort fill your heart.
Maybe, one year, all of us who have been blessed and even changed by the testimony of Joel's life could it down and mail it to you all to make a special book. Of course, until eternity, you'll never know all the Lord has done through Joel's life and home going. We do know that God has used him and continues to do so!
Sending you much love and hugs!

Teena said...

What an awesome way to remember and honor Joel! That is wonderful.

Happy Birthday, Hosie.

Can't wait for the pictures!

much much love,

Chad and Jessica's Family: said...

I have been thinking of you and I will always remember that Joel's heaven day is the day after my birthday. His life has touched mine so deeply and my family too. I really appreciate you and your family and for passing on the truth about "the sanctity of life"
Keep sharing Joel's testimony for the glory of God.

Much love!

Emma and Mommy said...

Again with the loss of my internet I could not comment on this day but I wanted to write and tell you I did think of you guys and we watched our DVD that day. I have actually watched it several times around the holiday season and in Jan. it is just so beautiful and each time I was able to share it with someone special so they could learn about Joel and his journey