Monday, January 24, 2011

hosanna's party pictures!!!!

Hosanna had a "Jessie Cowgirl Party." A lot of fun for a special girl! In the movie Jessie says,' we are just the best of friends, don't ya think?" So with that thought we celebrated Joel's life with Hosanna's birthday! They were best of friends!!!

a Jessie and Woody cake, my first time to use
fondant for the cow spots!

I ordered the cupcake toppers on line, they are all
over the place

now these little guys are fun aren't they!?
and I still have a few brain cells left from making them.
they are cake balls, dipped in peanut butter almond bark,
then decorated with all the different candies!!

Jessie cowgirl hat sugar cookies!!

tons of pop for the gang!! I used the cupcake printables and made these

pretzel sticks dipped in white almond bark with sprinkles!

any party needs m&m's

smore pops! marshmellows dipped in choc. almond
bark and sprinkled with graham cracker crumbs!

We played 3 games, one pin the tail on

another game was shooting the army guys in Toy Story
off a stool with the nerf gun!!! Lucas trying to use his
police eye, but Josiah was the winner
popping off 4 army men!!!!

Mercy shooting the army guys!!

Josiah, the winner!!!!

party goers!!!

Hosanna's friend, Annalee joined us for the party!!!

there's a snake in that boot!!!!

best of friends.....Joel and Hosanna

gifts for the party goers

this is my friend Natalee,(she is amazing!!!) Annalee's mom!!!

party people.....cute!!!!

birthday girl with her mom and dad!!


Lindsay Bertram said...

You are amazing!!
That party was completely adorable.
You are so creative, and I know the children will have such great memories of these incredible parties you give them. You are an ispiration!


Anonymous said...

That is some kind of party! I love it! You always do such a fabulous job with birthday parties, Mrs. Morris!!

And I was about to complain that you hadn't posted any Lucas&Bethany pictures in a while, so keep 'em comin'! :)

Jessica said...

The little Mr. Potato Heads are incredible. So much creativity in all of the details. She is one blessed "Jessie"!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Looks like a very cute party for a very cute girl! And a fun one too... the party and Hosie!
Wasn't "Woody" one of Joel's (less used) nicknames?

erinstwo said...

Just want to say, I stopped by from Kelly's Korner and I love this party and I love your blog! Now a follower! :-)