Wednesday, January 26, 2011

its wednesday!!!!

granite in the window sills installed!

Made it through another year of not having Joel here, thankful for grace given every step of the way! Was blessed to pass out many copies of Joel's Journey DVD's at church Sunday! And we have had many requests via e-mail, so thank you for asking! As long as I can keep sharing, telling others his story, and just knowing "one" more knows of him, is a comfort for sure!!! Thank you again for praying specifically for the day!! I read a verse this morning. Ps. 28:7, The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him. I like the phrase," my heart trusted in him and I am helped." There was a time in the grieving journey that I did not trust Him, but because of His merciful kindness to not leave me alone, the Holy Spirit worked in my heart and brought me to a place where my heart fell upon his truth and I trusted his plan for Joel and really that is the place and time that my heart "felt" helped. The faith and trust has not healed but it has "helped." So with a song in my heart I can praise Him until.......I see Joel again!!!

Wednesday....means our regular cleaning day! Everyone does their "big" chores on this day and it at least gives a sense of clean for a short time anyway! Its kinda funny, Micah has gotten outta two chores, mopping the kitchen floor and wiping down the "old" white cabinets....neither are there....hahaha!!! At least only a short span of the old cabinets anyway and its not worth it!!! hahah!!!! And since the concrete floor is painted, who sees dirt now??????

I got outta fixen dinner the last two nights, Bethany had Monday and Anna Tuesday. I am on for tonight. And Lucas is coming......I told Bethany to tell him we were having fried green tomato sandwiches and cheetoes!! hahah!!!! Not really!! BBQ beef sand and roasted potatoes!!! Anna is pitching in on the dessert. She made Lucas cookies the other night at 10:30 pm, she is going to be a faithful "sister-in-law!!!!!"

Got our granite in the window sills yesterday, looks neat!! Hopefully next week the island!!! Yipee!! I am hoping I can convince someone to do the back splash this weekend!! hint hint for whoever read this!!!

Hosanna's bd is behind us but if you remember its birthday season for us. Jeremiah 18th of Feb, Mercy is 19th of March and Andrew 21st of March and then Josh April 2nd! Thank you for all teh sweet comments about the party, it was fun but work! Looking on line for ideas is fun. The potatoe head cake pops I found there and the idea for the cake. So make sure you look too and get ideas for your parties!!! Just google a theme!!

Can you believe it, Friday its suppose to be 68 degrees!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I ever excited!!!! I think I will sit outside ALL day and hope to get sunburned!!!!!!!!!

Have a great evening!!!!!


Jessica said...

The granite is beautiful. We'll be in the high 30s later this week... and we're grateful for that! Oh, spring is just around the corner...

Zimms Zoo said...

have you ever looked at Catch my party? Gorgeous parties and LOTS of ideas.

Teena said...

It was beautiful here today... was up to 70!!

My Wyatt will be 9 next week (6th) and he still loves LEGO's so I am not sure what we will do yet.

Love all your pics of your remodeling.

Yes, I thought of you a lot this past week... and especially on Sunday!

much love,