Tuesday, January 11, 2011

a huge mess but worth it!!!!

we have two posts the guys are putting stone around and then a rough
wood at the top of the pole.

to the right of the post is where the 8 by 4 foot island will go
going east and west. (the french doors is west)

I am going to paint the concrete that was the old kitchen
area like I did with the other concrete
and someday Lord willing this whole area will have tile!!

on the old kitchen ceiling is still "popcorn" but it will stay for now
because someday we hope to finish it with the wood ceiling like in the main area

in this picture, the whole wall to the right of the cabinets will have the cook top, a veggie sink and a coffee station and the refrig will
be scooted down and then a double oven
for now we still have our old cooktop and oven on a small
portion of the remaining cabinets that hold them

Micah got a little pre-demo going on before the guys got here. He tore out some of the cabinets and the bar cabinets and surprisingly did it all with very little dust and mess. I was thinking, "this isnt going to be so bad," until Friday night came and Terry started busting out the bricks around the bar and it was major but yet it was not too major until Saturday morning and then......the real disaster started!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had decieved myself into thinking surely from all the previous stuff we have done, this could not be worse, BUT i was wrong!!!! This was by far the worst mess. In the midst I thougtht, I will not be able to get things somewhat back like they were. Of course having only concrete in teh new space has been a blessing in disguise because its not the real flooring so it does not matter how much it gets messed up!!! But I do like it to looks a little cleaned up. Oh, well, its all worth it. The wall is gone, we have tons of space. They could ride bikes in here!!! The guys all worked hard....ahem..... most of them, well all them at some point!! hahaha!!!! Dave helped with the electrical and got us some lights going over there, and we have plugs and dishwasher!!! So thanks to all!!!!!!

It has been enjoyable to work on the granite counter space and the huge sink! I can not wait to get the island, Lord willing in about 3 weeks. That will be alot of fun!! Four years of waiting to be able to stand and look out the window while I wash dishes!!! The Lord has provided!!

So, if your working on a project, don't give up!


Mandy said...

I know you will put that coffee station to good use! LOL!

Brittney said...

Whoa! It looks great. I love the post with the stone around it- so cool!

Mountain Mama said...

Oh Cindy! Everything, so far, looks fabulous. I am sooo excited for you. Keep sharing the progress.

Anonymous said...


I've not been able to do a whole lot of blog readin/commentin lately but this is GORGEOUS!!!

I see Billy in a picture!!!! :D

LOVELY! I can't wait to have my own big kitchen one day!!!


Marie said...

Hi Cindy,
Your kitchen is looking pretty good already with the cabinets. My concern is that you took down a wall and didn't add a load bearing header in that area. I will tell you that a post will not hold up a whole house, nor even a roof. And I own a lumberyard. I think you need a contractor to come and look or at the very least an experienced builder who draws such things for a living. I realize that your people do building, but as I understand it none of them are trained in architecture nor drawing. That is a really wide area to cover with just a couple of posts holding it up. Just a heads up because I was concerned when I looked at that expanse.
Good luck with your remodel.


The Morris Family said...

no worries Marie, the guys have it covered!! They have built a whole lot of houses!!!
Thanks for your concern!!


Jen said...

This is GORGEOUS! What a sweet blessing!

I have a question: a while back I clicked through to Mavie's parents blog and really enjoyed reading about their sweet family. Now I can't seem to find it. Just wondered if it was private now or if not, could I have the address? Would love to catch up with them! Thanks!

Teena said...

WOW! I love how you show us the progress... you inspire me...

I love seeing all your pictures...

thank you so much for allowing us to peek in.


KD said...

Tis definitely gorgeous!! Looks like the perfect place to have a great get-together!!