Friday, December 21, 2012


Christmas past- My first Christmas was Dec. 25,1962! Of course I don't remember it, I was 3 days old!! But I do have very vivid memories of Christmas's when I was a little girl. I so remember the house I lived in when I was 10 years old and younger. I remember every room and all the neat places throughout the house. It was 3 bed, very small ones, one bath, a LR and a kitchen! When you came in the front door, you were standing in the LR. When you came in the back door, you were standing in the kitchen! There was a large window in the LR that my parents alway put the tree in front of. The tree was silver, blue shiny balls and then we had one of the things just like in the photo, that plugged in and spun around and the tree appeared to change colors from the as the top of that contraption spun. I remember just laying on the floor in wonder of it all. I believed in Santa Claus! I wrote very serious letters, made sure the cookies were out and definitely got to bed early so He would stop at my house!!! One thing about our Christmas's was either my cousin and her family would stay at out house or we would go to Texas for Christmas. Most Christmas's we would wake up with our Christmas nighties on, and of course find all the unwrapped toys from Santa! The photos are many of the things I got for Christmas! I remember this one present, my cousin got one too. It was a doll and it came with a bicycle, and a horse and like a crib. I think it was one of those all time fav presents! I so remember my mother making candy! She would make fudge, fruitcakes and divinity! She always made Christmas so special! With delicious meals from beautifully wrapped presents! When I was a little older and we lived in a different house, she had the house all decorated! One tradition that I remember was me and my dad would always go downtown to a Christmas tree lot and I had to find just the right one! He was very patient! a funny thing my mother would do is, after baking and making soooo much candy, she would hide it in tins, only bringing out a
little at a time or filling up a candy container she had on the counter! She always hung stockings and put really neat gifts in little tiny boxes that I had to unwrap! Every detail was so thought out and planned and so perfect! Christmas is a fav time for me because of her and my dad! Christmas past holds dear memories in my heart!

Christmas present- for the last 18 years my dad and Shirley having been blessing our family with gifts for the children. They get so excited when Paps comes and plays Santa! Of course I know I have alot of my mom in me when it comes to wanting to make the house all festive and making candy as well. She did it, so I do it! It just brings me back to my childhood. Maybe I do it more for me then them. I don't know, I guess too, I hope they remember like I do and how it brings warm and
memorable thoughts when my time on earth is done!

Christmas future- well, I hope if the Lord is willing I get to have many many Christmas with my grandchildren! I hope I can continue to make our home festive if they get to come home for Christmas! I hope one day after they are all married and have children, there will be one Christmas when we can all gather here on the farm for Christmas! Mercy is soon to be 7, so it will at least be about 14-15 years! I hope I have strength and energy to do that! But of course, the greatest Christmas future will be to spend it in eternity with Jesus who was born in a manger, lived upon the earth and died on the cross for sinners as I! May the season of Christmas be one of Jesus for you!


-stephanie- said...

Happy 50th Birthday coming up!

We grew up in the same era. I always wanted a Mrs. Beasley doll. Didn't get one. I got Chrissy, the doll that grew hair. Still have her and my daughters play with her.
Had Spirograph! Love it!

What great memories.

Have a blessed Christmas.

Karol said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE spirograph

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Spirograph is the BEST!!

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Oh, and I can't stand Operation...I was horrible at that game and it still makes my hands shaky to think about doing it! ha :)

Daniel and Jaynee Lockwood and Family said...

Oh and tell Bethany happy half birthday on Monday :-)

Teena said...

All those things I had too! Especially that monkey! My aunt had a tree just like that one! Love this. Loved hearing you tell all about your Christmas'

much love.