Tuesday, December 11, 2012

annual Christmas party!!

Good times, good food, good friends! 2012 Christmas party has come and gone!! Lotsa fun with some games too!!! Here's the run down on the games! Course I divided the while group into 4 teams and they were on that team the whole time of game playing!

#1- "Rudolph has a runny nose!" one person was picked on each team for this game. That person received a box of kleenex. With one hand they had to pull out the Kleenex one at a time and see who can do the fastest wins!!

#2- merry fishmas- one person on the team received a small dowel rod with a string and large candy came tied on it with the candy came upside down like a hook. 4 small candy canes were placed on the edge of the table hanging out enough to where the fishing pole could loop it. In 60 seconds, the winner with the most small candy canes hooked!

#3- next was hilarious. Place 6 water bottles in a row. We did two teams at a time for lack of space and then the next two teams did it. One member places a panty hose on top of the head with a
Tennis ball at the end of one leg. Object is to see who can knock the 6 water bottles down in their row the quickest!

#4- m&m relay-I used our two benches or you would need 6 chairs in two rows for two teams. Place 6 paper plates with 20 m&m's on the first plate. A straw at each plate as well. First person auctions an m&m and passes it to the next plate until all m&m's are relayed down to the 6th person and they place them on a plate at the very end wins!

#5- rock and roll Christmas- tape a
12x12 piece of wrapping paper on the floor. Two teams competing at a time. One person in the team fans a
Box lid making an ornament ball go across the floor to the 12x12 piece of paper. Whoever gets it on first, wins!

Then we sang and ate some more and laughed and loved!!!

The white reindeer treats were the little triangles of Swiss cream cheese and issue
Crackers to spread them on. The reindeer in the clear sacks was pb fudge! All
Pinterest ideas!!!! Ha!!

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