Monday, December 3, 2012


With the Advent posts I'm doing, you might end up with 2 posts on some days!! So many events happening! Ha! So watch for the Advent post later! But for's our traditional sugar cookie making!! It's a messy bunch of fun!

One advantage of living near Guthrie, is all the festivities they have at different seasons!! The Christmas parade!! The night seemed a bit magical! ......and we stood right in front of the coffee shop Anna works at sooooo we had to pop in there after and get something!!!


Cindy Petronic said...

That looks awesome! I wish I lived in a small country town in which I could experience Christmas traditions with the townsfolk.

Teena said...

So glad to see all your posts. I want to incorporate some of your ideas into our Advent activities. Hope I am not bugging you too much! ;)

Love reading. We have a little "downtown" like yours but not as decorated. Our parade was the same night.

Much love,